Friday, May 9, 2008

25 Questions About Ghosts Inspired by "The Ghost Whisperer"

By P Hershon

If Ghosts exist, here are some questions that need to be answered, in no particular order:

1. Do Ghosts take the appearance of how old they were when they died or can they take any appearance of themselves at any age?

2. If a ghost was missing a limb such as an arm or a leg when they died, are they missing a limb as a ghost?

3. If a ghost was born blind or was blind when they died, are they blind as ghosts?

4. If a ghost was mentally retarded when alive, are they mentally retarded when they're a ghost?

5. Can ghosts masturbate?

6. Can ghosts have sex with other ghosts?

7. How exactly do ghosts travel and how fast? Do they have to get on a plane to visit say Paris from New York or can they just will it? Do they need the geographical coordinates to will it?

8. Can a ghost travel to other planets by will?

9. Can ghosts sleep?

10. Can ghosts dream?

11. How do clothes stay on ghosts?

12. Can ghosts be taller or shorter then the height they were when they were alive?

13. If a female ghost has implants when she died, will she still have the implants as a ghost?

14. Can ghosts get acne? If someone had acne when they died, will their ghost still have acne?

15. If a ghost had bad teeth or dental problems when they died, do they still have bad teeth and dental problems when they're ghosts? If so, can their teeth be treated?

16. Do ghosts need to shave? What do they use to shave?

17. Do ghosts need to take baths or showers? What do they use to wash?

18. Can ghosts use perfume or cologne?

19. Can ghosts get sick? If yes, will pills work on them to make them better?

20. Does a ghost's hair grow? If it does how do you cut it?

21. If a ghost had bad eyesight when they died, do they have bad eyesight as a ghost?

22. Do ghosts grow old?

23. Can a ghost work out and gain or lose weight?

24. If a ghost was overweight when they died, are they overweight as a ghost?

25. If a ghost died as a baby or a child, are they adults when they become ghosts?

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