Monday, May 12, 2008

The Aura

The Aura has been known through the centuries by many different names, auric energy or bioplasmic fields have been documented for nearly 5000 years. They have been alluded to by ancient Eastern Indians, Jewish mystics, and Chinese, they are attributed to a universal energy that permeates all matter. The ancient Greeks had a notion that auras revealed the desires and vices of man through their colour variation and movements.

The aura almost certainly manifests itself in the ultraviolet light spectrum. This is imperceptible to most individuals, and is only visible to a select few. Some scientists believe that this ability to see the aura is part of man's evolutionary development, and may in time belong to all. This theory is backed up by the fact that there are far more people alive now than ever before that can see the aura energies around them.

It has also been proposed that aura energy vibrates around all living things, absorbing light. This light is divided into several different components, similar to a rainbow or prism. The colour energies are directed towards the body's energy transformers, otherwise known as the chakras. These chakras transform and balance the energy currents so the material body can use it. Aside from an array of colours, the aura may also have texture and shape variations. The aura is also divided into seven bands or fields which surround the body.

For more than a hundred years researchers have tried to photograph the aura. It was in the 1890s, that the first aura photograph was taken by Nicola Tesla. Recent technology, however, has allowed us to observe and photograph the aura in detail, revealing its many and varied colours. In the 1930s Soviet scientists developed a scientific method photographing and viewing the aura. This technique uses electric current which exposes the presence of energy patterns and these are then transferred to a photographic plate. Known as the Kirlian method after its inventors.

As with all scientific research there are many disputes as to whether this photographic technique reveals merely a physiological manifestation or an image at the true aura. This type of scientific debate can only help in focusing more and more research into this truly fascinating field. With the advent of newer and more sophisticated technology we will be able to delve deeper into the mystery that is the aura.

By: Pauline Stradlen

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