Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Characteristics Of The Zodiac Mercury In Libra

The Sun is given the most credit when it comes to the zodiac. It is the information people give out when someone else asks "what's your sign?" But the other planets of the zodiac have importance that shouldn't be thrown away. Mercury influences how a person thinks and how that is portrayed to the outside world. Learning, communication and expression are all housed here. It also dictates whether a person moves through life with a strong sense of direction or a tendency to detour.

A person with their Mercury in Libra is rational, judicial and well balanced. They dislike arguments and would rather discuss and communicate than fight. They express themselves in a very calm, placid way to conceal whatever bias they might have in a situation where they are acting as mediator. A curiosity about how others interact and how their minds function makes it extremely simple for these people to interact- and get along- with others. They are a great shoulder to cry on as they are excellent listeners.

If others are crude or uncivilized in their manner, the Libra will draw away from them. Those actions are antithetical to the calm courtesy that resides in this sign. Though they won't argue about them, these people are very steadfast in their principles. Balance and justice should prevail over all in their minds. It can be hard for them to see the gray areas in the world- or for them to know how to deal with the ones they can recognize. It would be much easier to make a decision if the good guys wore white, the bad guys wore black and the right one always won in the end.

They need to careful analyze all sides of a situation before deciding on a course of action so rapid change is not something they can adapt to well. It is also very hard for them to make a decision for this same reason. They do not make good team leaders for these reasons. In a work environment, they are good at resolving disputes among team members (as long as it doesn't require them to do disputing of their own) and to see the pros and cons of any choice. Their deep love of humanity will often draw them into a line of work that deals with helping out society in some way. Social workers, mediators and teachers may all bear this sign.

On the path that is life, while others are rushing forward for the glory and fame or taking a short cut on their own, the Libras are in the middle of the path making sure that everyone gets there okay. If a runner were to stumble over a rock, the Libra would help them up and let them lean on them until they were well enough to continue on their own. It isn't just that the Libra is self sacrificing. They truly do understand what it would feel like to be in that position even if it is one that they haven't actually been in.

By: Victor Epand

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