Sunday, May 4, 2008

Characteristics Of The Zodiac Moon In Taurus

The Sun is the planet that zodiac novices are most interested in. But the moon is equally important in a chart. This planet relates to the world of emotions, including the nature embedded by nature, nurture and memory. It resides in the subconscious and deals with how a person relates to those around them. The characteristics in this sign might not be apparent to the person they refer to since they reside so deeply in the mind. Others are often better able to recognize these traits, as they are put out there into the world more than they are reflected upon.

A zodiac chart with the Moon in Taurus influences the material comforts of life and the emotions that can surround them. Sentimentality influences this person to become somewhat of a pack rat and a need of security and status makes those items likely to be exquisite. There is a love of money here, both the making of and spending of currency. It is unlikely that this person will overextend themselves financially since having money on hand is of such vital importance to them.

Their nature is grounded, easygoing and steady tempered. Friendships and relationships come easily for this person as they are not much for fighting. The tendency to horde can pass over into interpersonal relationships, where they can be extraordinarily possessive. But in romantic relationships they make up for this flaw with a strong sexuality and abundance of affection. They are loyal and steady- often to the point of extreme stubbornness.

The senses are exceptionally strong in this person. The sense of taste can create a great love of food that can translate into overindulgence. Beauty and pleasure are greatly appreciated and this person loves to be surrounded by the best in music, food and art. Their home is likely to be stylishly decorated. Other than overindulgence, vanity can also be born out of all of this lavishness. It is common for these people to become susceptible to flattery and for them to spend a great deal of time on their appearance. It is important for these people to keep their love of luxury and excess in check for their own general well being.

The Moon in Taurus allows for a great power of concentration. Ideas and outlooks are traditional and conservative. But though they are unwavering in their beliefs, they are unlikely to join a debate team. Conflict is something they try to avoid as much as possible to the point of being timid. But there is a tendency to disregard opinions presented that do not gel with those that they have already decided upon. The disregard will occur quietly, often with the other person unaware of the fact that they are being completely ignored. The passivity of a Moon in Taurus is not to be confused with timidity. This person is very capable of standing their ground and holding their own. They just don't want to have a lot of drama occurring around their staked out spot.

By: Victor Epand

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