Thursday, May 29, 2008

Connection To A Past Life

By Peter Dobrovic

To sit facing an old friend at two in the morning is fine but to find that you are staring at a complete stranger is another thing all together.

It was midsummer of '82 and I was spending a pleasant evening drinking coffee and talking with my friend Gary. It was late so my wife Lorraine had decided to turn in, leaving us to chat into the early hours as we invariably do whenever we get together. On this particular night I was discussing my theories on reincarnation with him and this prompted me to suggest an experiment, completely off the cuff. I had had some previous success in this area and was keen to make further progress. Gary is a business minded Capricon with an Aries moon sign but being a good friend and well used to my ideologies he agreed.

We sat on floor cushions either side of the coffee table with a lamp placed to one side of us. The idea being to relax and focus on each other's faces allowing our minds to wander at will in the hope that we might see beyond our current identities.

Nothing happened for a matter of minutes and then Gary was no longer there.

The man who sat in his place was a shade taller at approximately six feet and two inches, the shoulder elevation gave it away. We were face to face so I could not help noting his features. He had a determined jaw, a high intelligent forehead, and close-cropped dark hair. He wore a blue-grey serge uniform with a British flyers insignia stitched onto the breast. His personality was overwhelming and I felt discomfort creeping in as I stared at him. This man had faced great adversity and had not backed down. There was confidence and a steely resolve in those eyes and I found it extraordinarily difficult to look into them. The sense of tension reached a crescendo and I cried 'enough' bringing the experiment to an abrupt halt.

This broke the spell and the room returned to its normal atmosphere. Thankfully Gary was back in place and looking somewhat bemused. He had not had any results from his efforts but, given his birth sign, this was to be expected. I explained what I had seen and, after a brief pause, Gary began to recount a tale that gave some credence to my vision of the pilot.

Although we had been friends since childhood there were many things that had been left unsaid. The following was one of them.

For a number of years Gary had suffered a reoccurring nightmare. In it he was a World War Two bomber pilot who was nursing his plane back to England from a bombing mission. He was aware that the plane could not stay in the air as it was damaged but he could also see the back yards of houses below with children playing in them. He was determined to steer his plane away from these populated areas before he landed it and, in his dream, he achieved just that. He had seen open spaces ahead and then he knew no more.

I make no judgment with regards to this event, as there are various possibilities available, so I will leave it entirely for you to decide what the truth is.

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