Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Daily Astrology for the Week of May 19, 2008 - General Tendencies for All Sun Signs

by Janet (Sparrow) Moon

Mon 5/19/08 Dealing with Crisis and Rescuing the Damsel
Today could be rather intense with a Full Moon at 29 degrees. Some of us may find ourselves dealing with a crisis, and self-esteems could be fragile. The day should begin well, and we will be ready to jump into our work this morning. By mid morning (early morning west cost) the problems will begin to appear, and some of us will be feeling very confused. If we can manage to stay sober through lunch (mid morning west coast), the rest of the day may be a bit more tolerable. Some of us will get to be the super hero today, and we may rescue a few damsels in distress. Major Planetary Events Today: Full Moon 10:11 PM EDT

Tue 5/20/08 Ready to Consider Changes in Our Lives

Our optimism and enthusiasm will return today, and we may be ready to consider making some changes in our lives. We may have to prove ourselves to some people, and others will refuse to listen, but it will be a day for changes. It could be a very busy day, and we will get a burst of energy late this morning (early morning west cost). It will be a good day for short trips and catching up on correspondence. Major Planetary Events Today: Sun Enters Gemini, Venus Square Neptune

Wed 5/21/08 Enthusiasm and Adventures - Over Doing It

Trips will turn into adventures today, and some of us will be ready to get up on our soap boxes and tell the world just how beautiful we are. Others may find that their energy is low, and there also is a tendency to have problems with authority figures, especially early this afternoon (mid to late morning west coast). There should be a general feeling of enthusiasm with Jupiter winking at Uranus today, but that may get distorted late this afternoon into this evening (early afternoon through early evening west coast). Watch out for being too wasteful or overdoing it. It will be a great night to get out and just go for a ride. Just obey the traffic laws, or you may end up with a ticket. Major Planetary Events Today: Jupiter Sextile Uranus

Thu 5/22/08 Serious Attitudes, Low Energy, and Maybe Some Losses

We may be dealing with some losses today, and it is definitely not a good day for investing or gambling. Try to work alone this morning, and schedule meetings for after lunch (mid morning west coast). Our attitudes could be serious, but our energy may be low today. Do not abuse yourself mentally for not accomplishing all you thought you should. Mid afternoon (early afternoon west cost) will be the best time to get things done. It could be a good night for planning and appraising our lives. Major Planetary Events Today: Sun Square Saturn

Fri 5/23/08 Energy Returning - Getting Real Work Done

We may not be feeling 100% today, but we should find that some of our energy has returned. It will be a good day for business and getting some real work done. Some of us will be overly critical, and others may be worrying too much. We may need to remind ourselves that what we do today will probably not make much difference in the next 100 years. Major Planetary Events Today: None

Sat 5/24/08 Appreciate Our Resources

We may find it difficult to find our direction today with the Moon going void of course early this morning. It will be a good day to work alone. Venus will be spending her last few hours in Taurus today, and we may want to take some time and look at our stuff. Others may decide to make a few purchases to add the their beautiful collections. Those of us up late may get a second wind, and some new ideas may erupt. Major Planetary Events Today: Venus Enters Gemini

Sun 5/25/08 Sarcasm, Worry, Confusion, and Misunderstandings

Sarcasm, worry, confusion, miscommunications, and problems with loved ones are all on the menu for the next few days, and we may be ready to rebel under the Aquarius Moon. We are going to want to break out of our ruts today, but we are going to have to use a lot of caution, especially late this afternoon (early afternoon west coast). Use extra caution driving, and watch out for drunken drivers. There may also be some family or financial problems, so have a back-up plan if you are traveling for the holiday. Major Planetary Events Today: None

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