Sunday, May 4, 2008

Ethics Of A Psychic

By Kevin D Jones

I believe that it is very important to be ethical in the approach of a reading.

In my early days of development this was never bought up in our lessons , but I learned soon after my first few clients that being a Reader not only requires a skill, but also requires a certain type of person.

I had recently a friend who had severe cancer. She was told by her Doctors that she only had a few months to live.She had asked me for a healing session, that afterwards became a Reading session.

Now I was cautious about this. After all she was deeply ill and not going to last long, if I was to do this reading, then I had to be careful how I presented my information to her from the great spirit.I said 'no I wouldn't do it, explaining to her the sensitivities I was dealing with here, but, she insisted .

I asked in in my mind to spirit if this was okay, I felt as though it was okay to do so I took a piece of her jewelery in my hand and tuned into spirit, immediately getting information for her so I new it was ok.

One of the questions toward the end of the reading had me stop and think about the approach. She asked me, "Will I have a pain free death?".

Reluctantly I carried on and gave her what I was told about her question.

I gave her the month of her death and that it would be a peaceful 'pain free death' (The info I gave her turned out to be correct)

Now lesson 1. If I come across a client who asks me this I will not answer them on theses questions, the reason being if your wrong about the things you get you could seriously harm that person mentally!!!. I did this because she begged me to do it and I knew her well. If it happens to you one day, remember to be cautious with your info.

Also you may come across clients that want to no about a person in there life.

I was taught that you shouldn't read a person without there permission.

My feelings on this are undecided , there could be a instance when a client has been guided to you for this , when you should give the info out as it is there for a very good reason .

Use your intuition and feelings about answering these questions .

Sometimes you may have a client in front of you and they are very closed off , arms crossed legs crossed.

For a Medium this is okay as they get messages from the spirit people , but for a Psychic this will act as a block , Try to relax them , but if that fails then just say you cant connect and to come back , I find this happens sometimes because they will not benefit from a reading.

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