Thursday, May 22, 2008

Free Rune Lesson Rune RIT Inner Guidance

by Ragnar Storyteller

Rit Inner Guidance

Rune Rit, RITA is the rune of Original Law, of Divine-Law. It is the Rune of All Justice, Religion, Strength, Ritual, Rune of the Cosmic Rhythm of the Worlds. Rune of Movement, Rotation, and Wheels.

The symbol for Rune Rit is the Sun Wheel.

Use Rune Rit to tune into the rhythms of the Worlds. It will awaken your higher powers, your spiritual powers. Meditate upon it to strengthen your inner guidance. Use it with your Rune Rituals. Rune Rit will strengthen your powers of visualization.

From Odin's Rune Poem:

"That I know as a fifth,

Should an Enemy's

Arrow come flying through the throng;

As Bright as it Might Clash;

I stem it's Power.

Once I Firmly fix my Eye

upon it."






The Positive Exoteric meanings of Rune Rit: Right, Order, The Judge, Advice, and Salvation. The Positive Esoteric meanings of Rune Rit: Original Law, that which flows away, Religious Feeling, Ritual Action.

Time of Year: March 21 through April 12.

The Rune Rit can awaken and develop in you the power of skillful visualization. Visualization is a powerful aid when performing Runic Operations as well as any other magical practice.

Exercises for Rune Rit:

1. Copy the Song of Rit in your Book of Ceremonials.

2. Murmur the Song of Rit.

3. Practice the Hand Yoga of Rit.

4. Practice Healing with Ur and Thorn in a Candle Ceremony.

5. Use a Welz Chi-Generator to power your Rune Rit Energies.

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