Saturday, May 24, 2008

Haunted Airports in Hawaii!

By Natalia Ippolito

Kaua'i, Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places on earth to live. The island embraces you with a feeling of love and there is a pulsating spiritual energy that covers the island.

I was fortunate to live and work on the island for 5 years. I can recall several instances where I encountered ghosts when traveling around the island. I saw Hawaiian ghosts in my house, at my work, in restaurants and even hotel bathrooms.

At the airport my shift began at 5:00 A.M., even though the first flight didn't arrive until 6:10 A.M. or so. As I walked back to my podium from unlocking the foyer doors, the doors opened by themselves, and then another set of doors opened, then the same set opened again. I felt chills go through my body and got a little freaked out for a second. I regained my composure and thought to myself, standing alone in this room, I wonder if I'm not alone or if it is an electrical shortage.

Then I remembered that this had happened in another foyer as well. It was not always the same doors and a different pattern, so I thought an electrical short was unlikely.

I knew the history of the Hawaiian Islands and that the airport was close to sacred ground. I was afraid to admit to myself that the airport and the room I was standing in was haunted. I was trapped and couldn't leave my post, so I sat there talking to the ghosts, letting them know that I was only there to help people and that I didn't mean any harm. Later, I asked around the terminal and got verification that the airport was, in fact, known to be haunted.

I never told anyone what had happened except for a very spiritual coworker who believed in spirits. I asked her if the doors opening ever happened to her. She said never. I thought that was interesting. It proved my point that it wasn't an electrical short since she was recently assigned to the foyers as a result of an injury. I asked her to do me a favor. I told her that if she said good morning to the ghosts from me, they would respond by opening the doors for her.

The next morning she did what I asked her to do, and sure enough the doors opened for the first time for her too. She couldn't believe it. She said they knew my name and that I had made some friends. I responded by saying, "Blessings to them."

There is a story about a lady in white who stands on the jet-way late at night. She just stands there, blowing in the wind. Many employees have seen her and agree she's not a malicious ghost. She just wants to exist. There seem to be a lot of friendly ghosts, like Casper. Knowing the spirits were friendly put me more at ease.

I discovered historically that the Hawaiians buried commoners along the shorelines and kings and queens in caves. Since the airport is built at the water's edge,

I would say I was visited by Hawaiian commoners who wanted to check me out. The hair on my arms always stood straight up when they came around.
Author Resource:- Natalia Ippolito, a former airport screener and author of: I MIGHT AS WELL BE NAKED: How to Survive Airport Screening With Your Clothes On.

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