Sunday, May 4, 2008

How Do You Get Psychic Jobs

I have been working as professional psychic for almost 15 years, and one of the most frequent questions I get is how do you come across psychic job offers? This is a tricky question, as psychic jobs are not really advertised in the same way as normal jobs. You cannot walk into a recruitment office and explain that you wish to be a professional psychic.

Most psychic jobs are advertised by word of mouth, the psychic community is relatively close-knit and this word-of-mouth technique works very well. You'll also find advertisements on the back of niche magazines and often on pin boards in specialist stores.

If you are considering a career as a psychic or medium must ensure that you have the proper credentials. Like all professions there are many organisations that you can become a member to help you pursue this career path. In America alone there is the American Association of Psychics, new Association of Certified Psychics and the Association of Spiritualists and Healers.

There are many types of jobs available for a true psychic, these include setting up a business and home, in a shop, on-line readings, phone psychic jobs, and personal mentors. It is very easy to set yourself up in business alone, but not so easy to attract new customers. If you are just starting out in this business it is often easier to get a job with another psychic or with a phone psychic provider. You must remember however, that working to someone else will involve a job interview in constant monitoring in the first few months. Psychic job interviews will normally involve you giving a test reading to ascertain the level of your talents. You may also be asked to carry out a second or third reading to ensure consistency and accuracy.

A clairvoyant or psychic who is truly gifted will be sought after in the competitive market of online and phone psychics. If you would like a job in this type of environment you only need to prove yourself and you'll be snapped up in an instant.if you think you have special gifts such as divination or dream interpreter you need to make sure you mention this at the start of any potential job interview, as this will only enhance your prospects.

By: Pauline Stradlen

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