Wednesday, May 28, 2008

How Does Tarot Work?

by Myrddyn Ifans

How Does Tarot Work?
It's an age old question, "how does Tarot work"? If we are truthful, it has to be admitted that none of us really knows the answer. There are however many theories from the metaphysical to the psychological and others somewhere in between as to what makes Tarot work.
My own theory is that Tarot works by facilitating the manifestation of our own subconscious. It is believed that we all know and understand much more of our world than we are aware. This information is however, kept at a subconscious level and is difficult to retrieve.

Images and symbols are the currency of the subconscious and our only real conscious contact with this world happens through feelings, insights and dreams, insubstantial things whose nebulous nature precludes analysis.

The Tarot however, is a physical manifestation of those archetypal symbols and are readily recognised by the subconscious enabling our vague feeling and insights to made manifest by the spread of the Tarot cards.

The Tarot cards chosen by the quirant will always be the correct cards. I do not know or understand the mechanism that brings this about - but it is always the case.

Having the subconscious symbology of our minds laid before us in a physical form seem to clarify our situations, problems, options and consequenses in a way that no other form of analysis can.

Perhaps in the end, the most honest answer to "how does Tarot work"? is I don't know - but it does. A fuller explanation of the use of Tarot for divination and guidance can be found in The Complete Beginners Guide to Tarot

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