Sunday, May 11, 2008

How to Cast a Counter Break up Spell? - Love Spells that Break Negative Spells

By Raveendranath Menon

The world we live in is no doubt a beautiful place , with full of love and compassion, yet a few among us by the influence of negative energy or wrong influence, which is known as Maya in the eastern Vedic philosophy, indulge in activities which can be considered as neither positive nor ethical in practice. Use of break up spells or black spells can also be considered as a negative action on most of the occasions.

The lure for wealth and women is known from time immemorial. Desire for a good living or for a soul mate cannot be considered as negative as long as one beget the same by natural means or natural love and affection. It is well said that the liberty of a person who waves a band wand ends when it hits the fore head of another. In civilized society each one has to respect the personal boundary and privacy of others. But it is easier said than done. Today people rarely respect other's feelings and success at another's cost is considered as ethical and acceptable. Looting another person's wealth or luring another man's love is no longer a taboo though the law of Karma despise the same and proclaim that it will surely recoil on the doer and give back the results in three times. Break up spells or negative spells are no exception to this universal law.

Application and harnessing of universal energy for the desired end can be achieved in multifarious ways. Spell casting is one of the proven methods that achieve the ends fast. However not all spells are positive. Energy can be used for both constructive and destructive ends just like the atomic power, which is being used for destructive bombs as well as producing electrical energy. Break up spells are spells that use the energy within, to break up human relationships. Though break spells are classified as black spells at times they may also turn out to be positive. One such example is using a break up spell to separate two evil forces destructive to the society. However if a break up spell is used to break up a healthy relationship of two thick friends or to separate a loving husband and wife, or to break two loving hearts , it take the shape of negative break up spell and need to be countered. If you feel you are a victim of such a conspiracy, it is time you take immediate action. There are countless love spells that get back your lost love and counter the break up spells and ward off the negative energy that surrounds you. Casting a counter break up spell or lost love spell is no doubt positive and purely ethical.

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