Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Know Your Crystals for Sun Gemini

by Darlene Siddons

May 21 - June 20
Birthstone: Agate and Tourmaline Abundance Crystal: Apophyllite

The beauty of knowing your crystals to compliment your sun sign is that it balances out your assests and your challenges into a flow of personal perfection.

As a Gemini you are very active, both mentally and physically. You also have the ability to multi-task and your birthstone Agate assists you in grounding you and giving you the ability to pay attention to details.

You can also be vulnerable to nervous tension, by carrying Agate on a regular basis you can avoid the aggravation of this character defect. Gemini is known as the dual sun sign and Agate tends to unify this duality and makes your two sides of your nature come together with comfort and ease.

There is a downside to Agate, its energy is rather slow and calm, which does not work well with Gemini's impatient tendencies. This is where Tourmaline comes into play; it works much faster and balances the brain, inner and outer selves. Tourmaline also discourages negative energies and helps you stay centered rather than going of in different directions.

Communication is Gemini's strong point, you can argue a point; change the argument point and go right back to the beginning with out batting an eye and use multiple amount of information in each argument. When you need balancing in this area, carry Chrysocolla as it will asset you in keeping silent when is the best and when to speak at the right time.

One of biggest character defects of the Gemini sun sign is being able to identify and realize what is truth and what is little white lies. Your birthstone, Agate, helps you to connect with the truthfulness of your words and communication and stay on tract with true facts and statements.

Your abundance stone, Apophyllite, is also great for tapping into your spiritual path in all levels; this includes your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual areas of your life.

Thought of the Day: "We all have gifts; powers to varying degrees - and everyone has at least one gift - that is your particular piece of power. Acknowledging that you do have power is a major energy of change." - Dr. Lee Pulos -

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