Saturday, May 31, 2008

Leo Monthly Horoscope For June 2008

By Rohan Joshi

Money - Career

It's a good period for programs that require guts, efficiency, force and control. You have enough work capability and there are also opportunities regarding promotions, progress of work or a more promising work, and you'll now have the refreshing urge, as well. In addition to that, you may benefit from your friends' and guardian's support and you'll enjoy much fame and your control will extend over large group of people.

As far as money is concern some misunderstandings and mix-ups could occur in the first two decades so be extra careful in financial matters.

Love - Relationships

Mars will be in your sign in this month, inspiring your mind, heart and also sexuality. You will be passionate and your desires, very strong. You want the whole lot right now, and you do your best to accomplish your desires.

Everything looks ok, but you will be inclined towards too rush and direct approaches which can jolt away the "pray" and you also lack receptivity and making wrong choices or judgment. So don't be hasty and take proper decisions.


In this month, particularly in the second part of the month, you'll deal with an opposition between Mars and Neptune, which can expose you to sickness, particularly due to negligence and imprudence.

During this month you'll be active, but your resistance will be very much variable so wounds will hill slowly. You are prone to Infection and contaminations and you can get food poisoning. So be careful particularly towards hygiene of life.

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