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A Metaphysical Intuitive Channeler's Guide - A Little Psychic Discernment Goes a Long Way

By Sunny Yin Wang

Older than even the ancient Greek oracles, "channeling" is simply the conduction of energy. This energy is usually in the form of information or energy for healing. A psychic or intuitive relays this energy either consciously or unconsciously. Such a person is then referred to as either a conscious channel or an unconscious channel. The conscious channel is aware of the energy being channeled to varying degrees, while the unconscious channel "takes a nap" and allows another consciousness to enter their body. All information is filtered or colored by the psychic's level of consciousness, biases, and beliefs, but this is much less so with unconscious channels.

There is a great misconception that any non-physical consciousness is somehow superior or more knowledgeable than us "earth-bound mortals". This is simply not true. Many channels do not have a clue about whom or what they are channeling and blindly worship any non-physical being that comes through in a session. Too many individuals start out with a preconceived notion of another being as hero or savior, putting that being in a position of worship. From this vantage point, one will never be able to see the truth.

David Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D. writes in Power vs. Force: "A universal hallmark is that the true teacher never controls anyone's life in any way - instead, they merely explain how to advance consciousness. Nowhere is spiritual fraud more prevalent than in the world of channelers and psychics. It's informative to check out the level of truth these mediums express, as well as the level of the 'source' on the 'other side'."

I have been channeling almost daily for about 4 years. I have worked with many different levels of entities and each has taught me lessons and given me information I needed to learn one way or another. In the beginning I worked with many different beings and learned that some of them can get angry like we can. Some had biases and personal agendas clothed in spiritual sounding language. It was sometimes hard to discern what information was based in higher consciousness.

After reading Power vs. Force, I began using David Hawkins' Map of Consciousness (see page 68) to calibrate the source and to help me eliminate the lower vibrational beings. As my consciousness and discernment grew, the beings that came through calibrated higher and higher on the Map of Consciousness.

The truth is that all information has its pros and cons and a suitable time and place. The inner divine connection that we all have can help us identify which information is from a higher source or not. God/Christ Consciousness empowers people as a whole, rather than elevating the channeler, the speaker, or the leader.

Many spiritual leaders in the past and present age started their teachings from the point of God/Christ consciousness, but over time they misidentify with the ego-self as the source of power and they adopt the ego's struggle for control. Mohammad, founder of the Islamic religion is a prime example.

In Power vs Force Hawkins calibrates Mohammad's rise and fall in consciousness. Hawkins' Map of Consciousness goes from 0-1000, with 1000 being Christ Consciousness, the level he has given as the highest level humanly achievable. Mohammad was a spiritual seeker. The core of his early teachings of peace and compassion calibrated high at around 720. Unfortunately, Mohammad later misidentifies with the ego-self, becoming violent and controlling. In doing so, towards the end of Mohammad's life he personally calibrated at around 175.

Non-physical beings have many levels of consciousness just as we do in our physical world. Some beings, physical or not, focus their efforts on the attention they can attract, whether for fun or for self-gratification. Some intentionally create chaos and fear because they thrive on this vibration and on the control. These are all self-serving consciousnesses and are unlike many angels and ascended masters that offer unconditional love. Non-physical group consciousnesses, such as Abraham or the Arcturians, focus on serving others and advancing human consciousness. These beings are usually 600 and above on Hawkins' scale.

The best way to identify these beings is to utilize Dr. Hawkins' Map of Consciousness to calibrate the truth of the teachings and the non-physical beings. You can use a dowsing tool to do so. Remember that not all that is highest is good for the person either. It is whatever that person needs at that moment. If one calibrates at 150, a non-physical being or teaching that calibrates at 175 or 200 may be the best fit for this person. It all depends on one's level of consciousness.

For anyone considering channeling as a business or service, I strongly encourage you to work with someone who is more aware of Universal Truth, rather than someone who is ego based with a self serving agenda. If you intend to work with beings that calibrate above 350, you should be pretty safe.

For more information regarding channeling, please feel free to contact me.

About the Author:

Sunny Wang, BA, MATT, RTSM is trained in kinesiology and is a life long energy sensitive and intuitive. She has talked to "dead people" since she was very young. She also makes personalized energy jewelry. Her specialty, similar to Feng Shui, is the energetic restructuring of homes, offices, and land. Her websites are and
David Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D. has written many other books, including Power vs Force. All are highly recommended.

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