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Numerology - Life Challenge Number

By Lisa Page

In Numerology, numerologists use 3 individual numbers to represent the life challenges. These numbers interpretations represent the obstacles, hurdles and difficulties that you will face during certain phases of your life.

The First Number is the Early Challenge Number. It represents the difficulties you may face in the first 28 years of your life.

The Second Number is the Middle Challenge Number. It represents the difficulties may face in the second 28 years of your life.

The Third Number is the Main Challenge Number. It emphasizes the difficulties that you may face in the latter part of your life. The Main Challenge Number also represents the chronic obstacles that you face your entire life.

The Main Challenge Number is said to be the most dominant of all the Challenge Numbers. It takes priority over the other 2 numbers because it represents obstacles that may come from within you. It is known as "the devil" that you may find yourself fighting with your entire life. It is that question that burned inside you that you hope you will have answered before you die.

The Early Challenge Number is less influential. It may represent problems that are more situational or episodic problems. It indicates problems that can be due to circumstances or your parents. These problems usually appears as the child matures and enters the Middle Years of their Life Cycle.

The Middle Challenge Number also a number that depends on the situation and usually represents the hardship of the people around you. It can also represent behavioral problems and problems that are beyond your control.

Now to calculate your Challenge Numbers, first you reduce your day, month and year; your Life Path Number, down to a single digit. To calculate Your Challenge Number correctly you must reduce all numbers to a single digit, even master number 11 & 22.

For Example my Birthday is 4-14-1973

Month: 4

Day: 1+5=6

Year: 1+9+7+3-20 2+0=2

Calculating your Challenge Numbers is different then any others in Numerology, in this calculation you DO NOT want to total you day, month, and year numbers. You want to treat them eash as their own number.

To calculate your Early Life Challenge Number subtract your month number & your day from each other, the difference is your Early Challenge Number.

In my case, my month is 4 and my day is 6


My Early Challenge Number would be a 2.

Next your are going to calculate your Middle Challenge Number, to do this find the difference between your day & year numbers.

In my case, my day is 6 and my year is 2


My Middle Challenge Number would be a 4.

Don't think you did something wrong if you get a 0 as your result for this calculation. In this particular calculation is rare but it is possible. There is an interpretation for this rare number.

And finally to get you Main Challenge Number you are going to subtract your Early Life Challenge Number from your Middle Life Challenge Number.

So mine would be, 4-2=2

My Main Life Challenge Number would be a 2.

If you end up with the same number more then once, as in my case, it could mean that it has doubly the impact in your life.

If you Early Challenge Number and your Middle Challenge Number are the same then it could mean that your childhood problems may dominate all of your years. It may also mean that some of the problems you have faced were beyond your control.

If your Middle Challenge Number is the same as your Main Challenge Number it could mean that most of your problems were made as an adult. When you read the interpretation of that number well give you clues as to when you are your own worst enemy.

If all three numbers are the same then it is safe to say that your stars are trying to make you learn a lesson in life by causing problems to arise where ever you go.

Here are the interpretations for your Life Challenge Numbers. The same interpretations are used for Early, Middle & Main Life Challenge Numbers.

Life Challenge Number 0

People with a challenge Number 0 may feel in general like they are being confronted with difficulties that seem to be relentless and coming from all directions. Usually people who are zeros are very sophisticated spiritually and thought to possess the abilities of all the other numbers. However they have problem making definitive decisions and sticking with them. In early life this can manifest as a difficult or abusive childhood. In adult life you may overcome great obstacles to succeed.

Life Challenge Number 1

People with a life challenge Number 1 may feel as if every dream and ambition that they have is being thwarted by unfair circumstances. Bitterness, defensiveness and blaming others may be a chronic problem. Usually this is due to being too pushy or aggressive. Even if you are not unreliable or unpredictable, others may percieve you as so. A gentler touch plus a well focused, methodical plan can help you achieve your aims. You self-sabotage by plunging ahead blindly.

Life Number Challenge Number 2

The challenges presented for a number two are oversensitivity and a tendency towards self-centeredness. It may be difficult for you to realize that you are not the center of the universe. In your early years your lack of ambition, status consciousness and need for approval from others may cause you to have a poor self image. In adult life twos are very prone to codependency, addiction and troubled relationships if they cannot learn to let go of their resentments and blame.

Life Challenge Number 3

This represents a period in your life when you might find it hard to focus either because of emotional or psychological disturbances or because of boredom. Your attentions may be scattered and you might also suffer from shyness. You may have a great imagination or talent but have difficulty expressing it. In childhood this can result in frustration and introversion. In your adult years you may come off as too arrogant or eccentric to be taken seriously by anyone.

Life Challenge Number 4

This number often suggests a difficulty with finding employment or a gratifying the career. You just may not feel like working or suffer from a disorder or disability that prevents you from working. In your early years your opportunities to learn may have been truncated by physical or financial circumstances. In adulthood you may become an irresponsible or impractical individual who can't be trusted.

Life Challenge Number 5

This number usually defines a character that is unreasonable, indecisive and easily irritated. You have an impulsive nature and often run into trouble because you are unable to see the consequences of your actions beforehand. In your early years this may result in an incomplete education or a number of false starts in career. As adult your challenges manifest as an inability to make decisions are acting in an overly emotional as opposed to logical way.

Life Challenge Number 6

You may be a perfectionist and set standards for yourself and others that are impossible to meet. You may come off as very arrogant, controlling and demanding to others. As a child you may have seriously butted horns with several authority figures. As an adult you may have many unsettling relationships because of your refusal to recognize that others are entitle to their point of view. Your rigidity could lead to a disorder such as obsessive compulsiveness.

Life Challenge Number 7

This number has a great deal of trouble dealing with emotions. During this time in your life you may feel as if you have to repress your feelings in order to survive. As a child this can lead to introversion, obsessiveness and a complete retreat from reality. As an adult you may suffer from chronically negative thoughts and express them through constant complaining or criticism of others. Many sevens are hypochondriacs or manifest disease as a result of suppressed anger or grief.

Life Challenge Number 8

A number 8 challenge indicates a kind of shallowness and greed. You might define yourself and others by appearance, possessions and by the amount of money that they have. As a child you may have been clever, manipulative and insistent on having your own way. As an adult you might value the pursuit of money, power and status to the exclusion of all other things. This can cost you dearly in terms of relationships, family and friends.

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