Saturday, May 24, 2008

Pendulum Divination - What Is Pendulum Divination?

By Richard Wilkins

Pendulum divination is a connection with the universal energy and using it to help make difficult decisions. It is very simply dangling an object and taking your answer to your question from the direction the object swings. Pendulum divination is an ancient technique that is very easy to use at home, although it is commonly considered one of the least accurate forms of divination.

It is possible to use anything for a pendulum. A key attached to a string or a ring will work very nicely for pendulum divination experiments. The length of the string should be what is most comfortable for swinging.

Once the pendulum is made the next step is to write out your answer card. An answer card, which is simply a card that shows the direction, the object should move for a specific answer. For example up and down can mean yes and side-to-side can mean no. Or it can be worked out the other way around if that is more comfortable.

When you begin to use the pendulum with your answer card make sure that the pendulum is kept just above the surface of the card. If the pendulum is swinging in such a way that the answer is incomprehensible it may be that the question needs to be reworded. Make sure that simple straightforward yes and no questions are asked. It can also mean that it has been determined that you should not know the answer to this question.

You should practice with the object first before asking it any questions. Simply try to visualize the pendulum moving in a specific direction but don't use the hands to move it. It is easy to notice that the object will move in time with thoughts.

It is also possible to use this device to help acquire things. Simply concentrate on what you've wished to happen and that the object should swing in a specific direction for that to occur. Practice it several times a day. This will allow the subconscious mind to go to work on whatever it is that is desired. The subconscious is very powerful and can help make it a reality. You only must allow it to work for your benefit. If you wish for a million dollars, don't expect that a million dollars is going to fall out of the sky and into your lap. What will happen is that your subconscious will open your eyes to opportunities that you may not have noticed before. You will actually get your million dollars yourself; you will just become more attuned to the methods you can use.

Pendulum divination can be a very powerful tool for unlocking your subconscious. Using pendulum divination is a great way to begin learning more about the paranormal and your own psychic powers.

Richard Wilkins, co-owner and psychic trainer at the Psychic Academy is a leading researcher in developing psychic powers. To learn more about his research and new psychic training opportunities, visit his website today.

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