Thursday, May 22, 2008

Psychic Dreams

By Rhiannon Leetham

A dream is defined as a series of thoughts, images or emotions that occur during sleep. There are several stages of sleep including the onset of sleep in which the body temperature drops, the heart rate and breathing regulate and one becomes disassociated from their surroundings. However even in the deepest slumbers our brains are still active and processing information.

Scientists have studied dreams and the act of dreaming in many ways. And because each person's dreams are completely unique understanding them is an important element in gaining self awareness and elevated consciousness.

Dreams unify the mind, body and spirit by allowing the conscious and unconscious aspects of our mind and emotions to mingle and have free roam. As a result we are at liberty to acknowledge emotions and experiences that otherwise may be too intense for us to handle. Due to the powerfully intuitive nature of dreams many artists have sought their meaning for inspiration and the ancient Greeks and Romans hired professional interpreters to help explain their dreams which guided them and helped them make decisions.

Dreams can be more than a self awareness tool. These nightly sojourns from reality also offer vision and insight into events of the past as well as the future. For many the realm of psychic abilities lies within the world of dreams.

Premonition during dreams is a common experience. However, the problem is that we seldom remember them. Through proper relaxation and programming you can train your self to remember your dreams.

There are many types of psychic activity that occurs during sleep. One psychic activity, astral projection, involves freeing the spirit of the body and roaming at will. For many it would be impossible to leave the body during conscious and waking time but within the security of the dream world we are already separated from our surrounding and therefore more susceptible to wondering outside our bodies.

Accounts of mutual dreaming have also occurred. This entails two people meeting within a dream setting and engaging each other. This is a mutual experience for both parties. However, each individual will awaken alone. This experience may be hard to identify unless you know the other person enough to discuss the experience while awake. Otherwise it may resemble an ordinary dream.

One type of paranormal dream activity that is far from ordinary is the lucid dream. This occurs when you are conscious of dreaming. Have you ever been in the midst of a dream and actually realized you were dreaming without waking up? This is a lucid dream. Lucid dreaming is an extremely effective tool in developing self awareness because once realized the dreamer can guide themselves through the world of slumber.

Rhiannon Leetham is a young woman who is interested in and studying to enhance her own psychic abilities.

Rhiannon is working with a Home Study Course, editing a blog and writing an EBook about Learning To Be Psychic.

She is interested in all things to do with the meta physical world.

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