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Psychic Protection

Psychic protections deals with matters in a none aggressive ways, concentrating on inner peace and balance also positive attitude. If we live our lives responding to negative influences or negative energies that is around each and every one of us, this may actually feed the very negative energy we are trying to repel, it might even manifest itself within us. On the other hand relaxation, meditation, being spiritual and content will makes us feel safe from these energies.

A real psychic protection may offer some physical protection as well, since much is conveyed by body language. In the animal kingdom attack is often played out by a ritual of actions rather than inflicting harm to the opponent, the defeated animal can walk away unharmed once it has indicated defeat, thus preserving the natural cycle. While the winner holds the trophy through its simple attitude. Although this would not work for us humans if we were confronted by violence in a quite dark street, nevertheless attitude is extremely important form of self defense

To have psychic protection can mean, expanding our understanding and being honest to ourselves, creating the pleasant atmosphere in our homes, eliminating lingering negative energies in our homes, effects of our own personality on ourselves, intentions of our minds and heart, trusting our intuitions, taking care of our physical bodies will give us basic protection.

Self knowledge and honesty

When we take steps to protect ourselves what is important to know is where the threat originates from, it may be coming from you, without self knowledge and self honesty, solving life's challenges and striving forward can be cumbersome, for instance, a man can waste years working on issues arising from his relationship with his father, that he had experienced in his childhood years, thinking that his current relationship challenges are evolving from his relationship with his father from earlier time in his life, and believing that, it is his fault but in reality he might be with a partner who is not suitable for his personality, thinking that you deserve unhappiness is not the way to protect yourself, being self understanding is well, but no human deserves unhappiness. Our thoughts and intentions are very important, as the majority human beings know of the Persian belief of the evil eye, Persians believe that by just looking at someone with bad intentions and ill wishing it can actually harm someone, although this belief is for our own intelligence, we sometimes are out and about and see someone who is staring at us, and we sense the person who is staring has bad intentions. By just looking we can sense the thoughts of others. What's important is not to allow that feeling to come with us, it is only in the mind of the person who just stared at us and should not dictate how we feel about ourselves.

Our homes, our castles

We spend most of our quality time in our homes feeling safe, warm and comfortable, we lay each night under the magically decorated stars and fall asleep on our beds, we take shelter from the elements of life, yet we as humans have times that is not so pleasant in our own homes, this is the negative energies we must protect ourselves from, in our homes unconscious forces can take root, we must arrange our belonging so as we move around our homes there is plenty space to do so, being clean and tidy is also helpful, as our Chinese friends regard the layout of a home very important to the flow of life's energy. We can simply open our homes to the life outside by once a week opening all our doors and windows and letting the air, which is the controlling force of life in. We can have small plants that is pleasant to look at as well, also having well mannered pets will be useful to positively energies our dwelling.

Emotional Vampires

Some people may act like emotional bats, We all know the characters of such a person, who just always wine and winch about them selves and their problems, people who are draining may be very kind also pleasant, but if we are in their presence for a while we tend to feel empty after our conversations with them, this may result from their unconscious intentions or trying to undermine you with sinister thoughts, we need to politely walk away from such beings until we feel totally protected

All the cultures from around the world believe in need of psychic protection, thus everywhere we look we will see people wearing or carrying protectors, lucky charms, crystals, Christian crosses, pendants, the blue eye, horse shoe for luck, the lucky elephant, moonstones, st Christopher medallion are just a few examples of the sort of psychic protection we can have to improve our presence, once again believing and our attitude plays a major role.

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