Thursday, May 22, 2008


Author: Conrad Raw

Psychometry is an extra sensory perception of being able to read the history or past of an object such as a piece of jewelry or other object just by holding it or touching it with the hands. The person reading the object receives images and impressions such as taste and smells from the object as well. It is a lot like scrying or seeing things in a crystal ball or black glass.

When using Psychometry, the reader may be able to get a sense of what the person who last held the object was like, relive mentally any experiences the person may have had, almost like a recording of that person’s life and sometimes understand how that person died.

Psychometry may work through vibrations that are conveyed to the reader from the object, which is imbedded with the emotions and other images from a person’s life on a subatomic vibrational level. Psychometric abilities may also suggest that the past is never lost, but is recorded in a kind of universal hologram that can be accessed.

One famous Russian-born psychic was Stefan Ossowiecki who said he was able to see auras and had psychokinesis abilities. He was tested for his so-called powers in 1935 involving a sealed package. The test was devised by a Hungarian named Dionizy Jonky. Jonky and Ossowiecki did not know each other and the test was to be given eight years after Jonky’s death.

It came to pass that Ossowiecki was finally presented with the package. Ossowiecki touched the package and announced it was volcanic minerals, but he also thought there was sugar present. He was almost correct. Inside, wrapped in a candy wrapper was a meteorite.
In another experiment Jonky had 14 photographs of men; one photo was of Jonky, who Ossowiecki was to pick out of the 14 photographed men. Remember, he did not know Jonky and this test was given eight years after his death. Of course Ossowiecki picked the correct photo. Ossowiecki proceeded to accurately describe the man who had held the package and photos the eight years prior to the test.

Like with most psychic abilities, Psychometry is something that everyone can learn with a little practice. Give it a try by finding a place that is quiet and free of distractions such as a radio or television. Sit or lay in a relaxed position with the eyes closed. Ask someone to place an object in your hand. The object should be something the person has had for awhile. When images come through your mind, speak them and don’t try to censor or edit your thoughts. They may not make much sense to you, but they could to the owner of the object.

Keep in mind that with practice, your ability will get better and continue to practice. Soon your images may be more refined and detailed when ‘seeing’ an object. When first starting, images may come fast and furious and be a miss mash of anything and everything.

Keep at it, You will get better.

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