Saturday, May 24, 2008

Sexual Compatibility Of Cancer

By Rohan Joshi

Cancer with Aries

The only problem in the relationship arises when Cancer becomes moody. When Cancer gets moody, Aries can pull out and appear selfish.

Aries must understand that Cancer is more sensitive and receptive than they actually appear and Cancer must know that Aries is faithful but needs challenge and aggression. If both understand each other well then Aries will make Cancer feel loved like never before and Cancer will provide Aries emotional security, love and warmth.

This could be a good choice for both and sex and love are very possible. The strong compatibility and devotion will stay alive in any stormy moments.

Cancer with Taurus

Taurus tends to fulfill Cancer's secret sexual fantasies. It's a perfect combination for sex and romance. Both are exciting, sensual and family oriented. Cancer has eventually found someone who can offer the right intensity. These two will travel and experience many pleasing pursuits collectively. Music and sensual stimulation will always be apparent in this attraction. Taurus loves Cancer's emotional depth and would drop everything in order to hold on to this sexy and thrilling sign. Sex will be the thing that attracts them and love will be what eventually keeps them together. Taurus will need to moderate stubbornness or Cancer will feel left out and become temperamental and moody.

Cancer with Gemini

These two meet and feel fortune from their very first chat. A forceful physical attraction could lead to a sexual relationship.

The key to make this relationship work is both must to be keen to forgive and forget. Gemini needs for space and variety always whereas Cancer concentrates on one person, place or condition at a time. Cancer may mistake Gemini's requirement for outside encouragement as a sign of sexual refusal and Gemini will get annoyed by Cancer's emotional arguments and become disturbed quickly..

On the reverse, Gemini can expel Cancer depression while Cancer provides warmth and security to Gemini. Either way, this attraction is if anything, a very good learning experience for Cancer and an emotional experience for Gemini.

Cancer with Cancer

Both are so sensitive and psychic that they could not understand how to read each others minds. At first they will feel they have found their love. They both be of the same opinion on sex, love and loyalty to significant others. Outside interests can maintain the relationship balanced but there is an element of dishonesty with family members or interfering from friends and business associates. If both want this relationship to last, they should be in the same vocation, have similar interests and be extremely considerate of each other's space.

Cancer with Leo

Sex of one-night can result in marriage. The only crisis arises when Cancer becomes temperamental. When Cancer gets moody, Leo will pull out and seem self-centered. Leo needs to appreciate that Cancer is more sensitive than they appear and Cancer needs to know that Leo is truthful. Leo will make Cancer feel loved like never before and Cancer provides Leo emotional safety in love. This is a good selection for both signs. Sex and love are very promising. Strong compatibility and devotion will survive any turbulent moments.

Cancer with Virgo

This is a well-matched pairing that produces sex, love and a probable marriage. These two friends will tie for life on a sexual, spiritual and romantic level. They will find one another physically attractive and very sensual. Virgo will be kinky in bedroom and turn on Cancer. There is an element of shock when these two signs come together in a relationship. Cancer and Virgo are considered fortunate jointly and can make more money and their ideas can become reality. They will remain all-time friends if the sexual bond ends.

Cancer with Libra

These two could meet each other almost anywhere and wrap up getting married the next day. These two cannot get enough of one another and Libra will truly value the sensitive side of Cancer. There will be a lot of childish talk, gifts given and show of romance. Sex will be great with Libra, and Cancer can sexually rejuvenate Libra in a way like no other can really do. This is an unforgettable and meaningful encounter that has potential for children and marriage.

Cancer with Scorpio

It's an ideal combination. Both are extremely compatible in their approach to love and sex. Sex could turn a one-night stand into a very safe association. Scorpio needs to realize that Cancer is more sensitive than they show and Cancer needs to know that Scorpio is truthful but will need occasional isolation. Scorpio will need to be careful during full moon periods. They will look physically more gorgeous together than separately. Scorpio will make Cancer feel loved like never before and Cancer will offer Scorpio all the love they desire.

Cancer with Sagittarius

Sex could turn a one-night stand into a loving relationship. The only problem crop up when Cancer becomes moody. Cancer will have to go with flow if they want to clutch the subtle Sagittarius. Sagittarius will get turned off by Cancer possessiveness and may seek external interests. Sex will be rocking but lasting love will be another story. Sometimes sexual lure can turn into a horrendous.

Cancer with Capricorn

There is more chemistry here than people imagine. This will be a powerful and exciting relationship that gets more concrete and sexier over time. They think identical and can build both a future and a family together.

Cancer will bring affection and honesty to Capricorn. Capricorn will bring stability and adoring love that Cancer has been wishing for. Problems could occur when dark moods hit at the same time.

Cancer with Aquarius

Cancer is always looking for success and safety in love whereas Aquarius is forever in quest of status and friendship so it's simple to know why these two attract each other. If Cancer and Aquarius have the same goals and objectives, the prospects is very good for sex, love and possible marriage.

For this relationship to work Cancer will need to love and let freedom sway while Aquarius will have to be more caring to the receptive feelings of Cancer. Cancer will need to understand that Aquarius lives for festivity and Aquarius must recognize that Cancer needs one-on-one time to feel protected.

Cancer with Pisces

In the long run, these two are fated to meet up and experience a love relationship at some point in their lives. How long it will last, will be another story. Both are sensual, spontaneous, and artistic. Pisces tends to dip in deep emotional waters and Cancer loves the intensity and imagination that Pisces brings to the association.

There is sexual chemistry and the possibilities for a serious lasting association. Problems could occur when dark moods hit. Both are so spontaneous that they can accurately read each other's minds at times. This is where and when problems occur. For this association to work, they should give each other room and learn to not concentrate on the others weak point, as this could bring the end.

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