Friday, May 2, 2008

Spiritual Enlightenment - Understanding How Your Outer World Is The Mirror Of Your Vibration

By Cari Campbell

As you walk the path of spiritual enlightenment and awaken to a new level of consciousness you will realize just how much your outer world mirrors your inner world. It is a direct reflection of your vibration at all times. This can be incredibly painful to realize and to experience, but you can move through your painful issues more easily by appreciating the mirror and using what you see to release pain and vibrate at a higher level.

The fact that your thoughts and beliefs are mirrored back to you is a blessing, although it may not always seem that way. It is designed to help you see clearly what you are attracting and creating. We look into physical mirrors to see our reflection and adjust things we see that we do not like, such as a wayward hair or bad posture. Our metaphysical mirror is designed to work the same way. Simply use what you see reflected to you as a guide. Adjust your mental attitude, work through any pain that comes up, and go with it.

Appreciating the mirror is a lot less stressful than denying it. Let the mirror of your physical reality show you where you have unprocessed pain, and let it show you where you have joy and love! During the times when life may not be going so smoothly or you are feeling irritable or sensitive, stop and process. What is being reflected back to you that you could work through? (An example from my life- when I visited my family last week I regressed 5 years almost instantly. As I considered what I was experiencing, I could see clearly the amount of pain that comes up for me when I go home. In the past I stayed away because of the pain, but now I see a wonderful opportunity to work through this pain and free myself of it.)

The reflection of your mental attitudes provides an excellent opportunity to raise your vibration. Because you now understand what is happening when you experience events you may not be consciously creating, you can look inward to find the cause instead of blaming the outward effects of your mental beliefs. In other words, use the mirror to notice when you are sending out vibrations that aren't as loving or joyful as you may want.

The more you walk the path of spiritual enlightenment and awaken to a new level of consciousness the more quickly the mirror seems to reflect back at you. Although this may seem like a curse at times, it is truly a gift- a gift of awareness. Being aware of how your beliefs, attitude and energy are shaping your reality is key to your spiritual consciousness. Once you start being aware, you will easily see where your beliefs are reflected right back to you. The beliefs and energy are first, then the physical manifestation of those beliefs follows.

Everybody is living in their own personal reality. Let us not judge another person or their reality, because we can't understand why they feel or believe what they do. When you judge another person, what you are experiencing is your own self-judgment being reflected back at you. Judging what you see, either by judging yourself or another person, is to not accept what you see in the mirror, and therefore denies your ability to create your own reality. Even though it can be painful to recognize that you create everything, (the good and the bad), denial will only cause you to continually recreate what you deny, as you never identify why you are creating your situation in the first place.

Spiritual enlightenment requires awareness. Let the reflection of your energy help you. All we can control in this reality is our own energy and mental attitudes. The reflection of these attitudes is a great gift that we can use to create a joyous, loving life. To deny the reflection of yourself is to remain unaware of your vibration and mental beliefs, and to therefore deny your creative abilities. Spiritual enlightenment - to shine a light of awareness on yourself and to fully accept the fact that you are responsible for everything in your life.

Cari Campbell

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