Saturday, May 31, 2008

Virgo Monthly Horoscope For June 2008

By Rohan Joshi

Money -Career

It's a very hectic month. Mercury, moving retrograde in forth draw your attention and strength to profession and position. The Sun and Venus will escort it and lending it shine and opportunity. With such planetary configuration, there are strong chances for promotion, success and appreciation. You may also get a prize or find yourself in a situation meant to make you well known or get you to the peak.

Money will follow you as a natural effect of your achievements.

Love - Relationships

The Jupiter-Uranus sextile still insists you to make some positive changes in your personal life.

You strongly require freedom, and from this attitude the conjunction in the earlier half of the month between Mercury and Venus can work as a channel or as a magnet attracting occasions. A happy conjugal life cannot make it without communication and intellectual attraction, but you should not undervalue the power of sexuality, which firmly demands its rights this month.


The Mars-Neptune opposition has to be taken seriously, particularly since Saturn is already in Virgo and your Mercury is moving retrograde. The power of the body to fight against poisons, viruses or allergies is weaken, so you are prone to infections and intoxications.

You may also feel faintness, anemia and digestive problems as well as dental or dermatological problems. And also your psychic power is not very well. Your energy levels will need constant watch and you are also advised to drive vehicle very carefully in this period. You should not take more than you can handle, to avoid anxieties. Don't over-burden yourself, instead go easy and slow.

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