Thursday, May 29, 2008

What are Runes an Introduction

by: Freya Aswynn

Origins of the Runes historical.

In Middle-Earth, the runes probably became known to humans sometime between the first century B.C.E. and the end of the first century C.E. Some Rune signs are however much older than that and have been found all over the place from Indo-European settlements to new Grange in Ireland. Their shapes - vertical staves with slanted cross-cuts - show that they were designed to be cut into wood, but because of difficulties in preservation, the oldest inscriptions that have survived are in metal and stone. With the exception of some Frisian staves which were preserved by peat bogs. Some elements of runic writing are almost certainly derived from Mediterranean alphabets (Roman, Greek, and North Italic have all been discussed as hypothetical models); others, from the Bronze Age stone-signs of the Germanic peoples.

However, some new research suggests that the Runes may have originated The oldest runes known to us are those of the Elder Futhark ("futhark" is the runic equivalent to "alphabet", derived from the first six runes - F, U, Th, A, R, and K/C), a 24-rune pattern divided into three aetts ("eights" or "families").

Origins of the Runes mystical Runes have been around outside time and space since the origins of the universe itself. the sign used in the various futhark or futhorcs are the Germanic embodiment of these mysteries as is born out by the primary meanings of the word Rune itself i.e. secret, mystery and song. The song or sound of the becoming in existence of the material universe in so far as we may know and understand this.

The runes are the physical embodiment of the Mysteries of the origin of consciousness itself, in the form of Odin/Woden the god mostly associated with the runes.

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