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What is Divine Will?

By Kb Wong and Edwin Lim

There are seven qualities of Divine Will. They are some of the most powerful forces in the Universe. Working with Divine Will can assist you in transforming your life, unfolding your highest potential, and expanding your consciousness. You can align what you manifest with the Divine plan and the higher purpose of your life. Working with Divine Will can assist you in experiencing the consciousness of your Divine Self. Calling upon Divine Will can open your vision, deepen your intuition, release limitations, liberate your spirit from the bonds of matter, and enable you to create your highest future.

Divine Will is transmitted by seven Great Ones (also known as the 'Custodians' or the 'Ray Lords'). The Ray Lords are known throughout Millennia, in many different cultures and civilizations, and by many different names.

The Hindus call them the "Seven Praj patis" (Lords of Creation).

The Zoroastrians call them the "Seven Amesha Spentas" (Immortal Holy Ones).

In Ancient Egypt they are revered as the "Seven Mystery Gods", and the Bible refers to them as the "Seven Spirits before the Throne of God".

Each ray contains qualities that condition humanity's souls, personalities, minds, emotions, and bodies. So profound and all encompassing is the influence of these 7 Rays on all life and existence that the Ascended Master Djwal Khul (the "Tibetan") wrote 5 volumes on them (through Alice Bailey in the 1930's, 40' and '50s).

Actions of Divine Will

Transcending: Divine Will is whole and complete, and sees all things from beginning to end-past, present, and future-yet knows that the personality self must be expanded in gradual stages into this realization. It transcends the limits of the personality self which is encased in the world of form.

Transmitting: Divine Will is transmitted and those who receive it become transmitting agents of it. Part of humanity's purpose is to transmit Divine Will to the plant, animal, and mineral kingdoms, just as the higher kingdoms are transmitting Divine Will to humanity. You can receive and transmit Divine Will to any area of your life, to others, and to other kingdoms.

Transforming: Divine Will transforms that which receives its transmission.

Transfiguring: This transformation leads the many back to the one; the many become one.


The 1st Ray: The Will to Initiate - Awakening New Consciousness

The Great One who radiates the Will to Initiate is known as the Ray Lord or custodian of the energies of Will and Power. The quality of Divine Will that this Great One radiates carries with it the power to initiate new consciousness, awareness, and insights, a powerful step in any process of transformation.

The 2nd Ray: The Will to Unify: Developing Soul Vision

The Great Life who transmits the quality of Divine Will known as the Will to Unify is also known as the Ray Lord or custodian of the energies of love-wisdom. The basic energy of Will coming from this Great One is the Will to unify, to synthesize, to produce coherence and mutual attraction, and to bring opposites together, creating unity in diversity. Its magnetic love transforms all life it touches. It takes those things that are separate and makes them whole.

The 3rd Ray: The Will to Evolve-Becoming Wise

This Great Being, sometimes called the third Ray Lord, is also known as the Universal Mind. Learn to work with the Will to Evolve to accelerate your ability to recognize and create forms, structures, organizations, circumstances, relationships, creative endeavors, and activities that are aligned with your soul's purpose and the Divine blueprint of your life.

The 4th Ray: The Will to Harmonize-Deepening Intuition

This Great One is known by other names, such as the Ray of Harmony through Conflict, the Lord of Harmony, Beauty, and Art, the Great Revealer, the Divine Intermediary, and the Mountain upon which Form Dies. This will links you with the higher worlds, reveal aspects of your highest path, releases the limitations and conflict you can experience by living in the physical world, a world of polarities, and to find balance.

The 5th Ray: The Will to Act-Achieving Liberation

You can call upon this Will, also known as the "Door into the Mind of God"

to formulate clear, concise thoughts that are filled with light, infused with intention, and that reflect divine Purpose, divine Love, and divine Ideas. These are thoughts that assist you in unfolding the Divine blueprint of your life and lead you higher on your path of evolution.

Illumined thoughts act as messengers of light, bringing light to everyone, to all life, and of course to you as well.

The 6th Ray: The Will to Cause-Embodying High Ideals

The Will to Cause is a powerful quality of Divine Will that you can draw into your life to clear and purify your emotions, to reject lesser desires that keep you from being on an upward spiral. It assists you in having endurance and fearlessness, the power to detach, and the ability to transcend your personality so that your Divine Self can unfold.

This quality of Divine Will shifts the cause of manifestation, actions, thoughts, and creative urges from personality desires to the ideals of your soul and spirit. Your ideals, and thus your actions, thoughts, and creative endeavors become reflections of the great light of your true Self. Then, all that you do brings you freedom, joy, and fulfillment rather than suffering or pain.

The 7th Ray: The Will to Express - Creating Divinity in Form The role of the Seventh Ray is to bring into manifestation perfect forms that express the beauty and light of divinity. It has also been called the Manifesting Ray, the Violet Ray, and the Ray of Ceremonial Order. This Will pours forth the energy that stimulates the creation of forms, structures, and organizations that express divine ideals and the divine Plan for each person and for humanity as a whole, and assists you in blending and becoming one with your soul and Divine Self.

Copyright (c) KB Wong

About the author:

KB is a graduate of the Awakening Your Light Body course as developed by DaBen and Orin, channeled by Duane Packer and Sanaya Roman, and is teaching the course based on his understanding of it. He has also completed the Light Body graduate courses: Radiance: Transmitting Light, Radiance: Self Exciting, Lightbody Consciousness Level 1; Radiance: Filling in the Frequencies; Ceremonies of Light, Ceremonies of the Heart, Ceremonies of Initiation.

Apart from the Lightbody work, KB also teaches other Orin & Daben workshops, including Creating Money & Abundance, Building a Radiant Aura, Transforming With Divine Will, Connecting With Your Divine Self, Divine Manifesting Part 1: Manifesting As Your Divine Self and Part 2: Becoming A Master of Manifesting etc.

KB's workshops are typically infused with lightness, laughter and humor, and it gives him great joy and honour to accompany you on this journey of transformation and self-empowerment!!

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