Monday, May 5, 2008

The Year 2012 And Numerology

By Peter Dobrovic

In my previous article, The Year 2012 A Time to Change, I wrote about the Mayan prophecies and the need for global adjustment. The aim of this piece is to provide some detail about the year in question.

Numerology describes 2012 as a five year, a number that invariably brings change, possibly of an unusualor unexpected nature. It would therefore be wise to adopt a flexible stance. The existing order receives a shake up from fresh elements, entering and breathing new life into stagnant conditions. A freedom of thought and movement becomes possible but only on condition that the necessary hard work and organisation was carried out during the previous year. Restlessness leads to increased travel and communications are high on the agenda as this is a time for contact on all levels. Choices, decisions, and temptations confront one and all throughout this entire period consequently, a slow approach will need to be taken when weighing up options. Impulsive actions, financial and otherwise, are to be avoided.

An air of uncertainty will be prevalent in key situations.

The two two's in the year will reinforce the feminine principal and bring about the need for gentleness, tact and diplomacy in order to harmonise the heightened sensitivities that will be uppermost throughout the year. Challenges directed at our capacity to coexist will occur, and any offence given will result in long-term enmity between the parties concerned. The events that transpire in 2012 will require a strong sense of cooperation, between nations and individuals if we are to maintain good relations with each other and furthermore if we are to collaborate successfully in handling any impending crises. The number two often creates indecision when important judgments have to be made or emergencies need to be dealt with. The Zero in 2012should be construed as raw potential from which anything can come into being. Our thoughts and actions will naturally steer our course ahead.

The One digit moves to a more commanding position in the year number. This means that the Millennium will have inherited a driving force that will impel it forwards. The One is assertive, original, dominant, aggressive and self-centred so an arrogant streak is to be expected in the year causing leaders to feel that they are right irrespective of any facts to the contrary. An ambitious attitude will produce a tendency to make a display of ones abilities that is likely to cause friction on an international level.

We can draw the following conclusions from the information at hand.

The Olympics are to be held in London, England in 2012. Five interlocking rings represent the Olympic symbol and the numerological number for London is two. The final preparations and organisational work should be carried out during 2011 but the Olympics may not be ready on schedule largely due to overconfidence, a laid back approach and misrepresentations regarding available funds. The final cost will substantially exceed the budget. A diplomatic incident involving at least one female can be expected at the sports for some of the reasons that I have outlined in the article body.

Headlines in 2012 will describe two major vehicle collisions. This will be a time to travel with extreme caution, as there will be a tendency to speed and to be unprepared for the unexpected.

Large fires, earthquakes and volcanic activity are presaged mainly due to the influence of the two as it is responsible for fires, as well as ruptures and divisions in the earths crust.

Impulsive and overconfident decisions will cause vital errors of judgement in the financial sector.

The two wants peace and mediation but human nature will cause restlessness to become social unrest. We can expect a period of turmoil during the year.

Unwise leadership coupled with overweening ambition will initiate the 'rattling of sabres' between East and West.

Misunderstandings aside, difficulty in communications will arise on both human and technical levels.

We will not be aware of much that is taking place behind closed doors in government and deceptive acts are likely to take place.

These are just a few indications of what can be expected during 2012. The outcome of events will, I feel sure, bring about a change in perception and values for the future. There is no reason for anxiety as this will be a turning point where old gives way to the new. We have travelled a long road in our evolution and 2012 should be considered as another step forwards.

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