Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Zodiac Signs in Love - Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces

By Hui Ng

How do the various zodiac signs behave when in love? In this last part of the series, I shall look at how the third and last quadrant of the zodiac - Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius & Pisces - behave in romantic relationships.

SAGITTARIUS: Relationships are important to you and you know how to take risks in love. Nevertheless, you put so much emphasis on personal freedom that you are often afraid of commitment. Your wandering mind is always fixated on the quest for self-knowledge and new ideologies. The problem arises when you enthusiasm starts off a relationship with a bang, which then fizzles into ashes shortly after. As long as you engage in behavior that only feeds the ego with your eyes fixed solely on the future, you can cut off potential partners in your life without you being aware of it. It is imperative for you to learn that joy comes from within, the Soul, contrary to finding it in some distant country or philosophy.

CAPRICORN: You also have a reserved manner and aloof demeanor that could prevent others from getting close to you. The truth is, it takes a lot for you to let down your guard as you don't trust easily and once you form a bond with someone, your controlling nature wants it to last forever. The problem arises when you confuse the feeling with the material realm. The challenge for you is to make a conscious effort to get in touch with your emotions instead of analyzing things through the head. By releasing the need to control the outcome of a situation and getting more in touch with your innermost feelings, you are able to focus in the present and make sound judgments.

AQUARIUS: Because yours is a group-oriented sign, the attitude you adopt in life, including those towards your relationships, is highly impersonal. It is not easy for you to get close to others as you do not take big risks in relationships. Your impersonal and detached style can cause much confusion for your partners in the form of unpredictability and erratic behavior. You have to allow yourself the time you need to process your thoughts without pushing others away so abruptly. In finding ways to connect yourself to the guidance of the heart, your partner will not feel so neglected and unappreciated. As the sign which rules originality and humanitarianism, you are capable of communicating to your partner with respect and truth.

PISCES: You are innately in touch with the subconscious part of your psyche and are attuned to the spiritual dimension of life. Living in a world of physical and psychic sensuality, you are often unable to distinguish between illusion and reality. Your emotions can color your impressions as you often see only what you want to see. Being so dreamy and a romantic at heart, you are in love with the notion of love and easily gravitate towards relationships. However, without touching base with reality, you are prone to choosing partners who aren't right for you. Fantasy can only take you so far before reality caves in. With an innate fear of rejection in your subconscious, you must keep track of what is going on in reality.

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