Saturday, June 7, 2008

2 Top Tips For Recognizing Psychic Powers - These Should Explain Everything

By Tina Bardo

In this article we are going to discuss a few tips for recognizing psychic powers in yourself...AND in others. The truth of the matter is quite simple: psychic powers can be developed, enhanced and accentuated by simple techniques that ANYONE can learn, and as such it's important to learn what they are to judge all of these phenomena correctly. Read on as I elaborate a bit on both.

Recognizing Psychic Powers in Yourself

Most spontaneous psychic powers that will arise will come during deep meditation, an OBE experience (out of body), a lucid dream...or EVEN a near death experience! The statistics of people who actually have a verifiable NDE who go on to develop incredible psychic skills is actually a documented element of the phenomena, and one that has been reported, and studied by science at length. What are the signs to look for? An increased intuition, a sense of "knowing" that precedes important life events, precognition, ESP and telepathy and much more. All of these can be developed as well using tried and true techniques like meditation, lucid dreaming, binural beat technology and much more.

Recognizing Psychic Powers in OTHER people

This can be a little bit dicier of an affair, obviously! I look for genuine people FIRST and foremost...even BEFORE you measure their psychic potentials, it's important to measure their PERSONALITY first..:-) There are many people who are deeply intuitive, have mediumistic skills (can contact those in spirit) and are simply very advanced and refined in these highly specialized areas of sentience. There are ALSO a whole bunch of really nasty, mean spirited and opportunistic people out there (including a few well known psychics on day time TV..:-) who are not only FAKES..but their efforts destroy much of the good will, and genuine high spirit of those whose intentions are to serve. It's hugely important to use your god given common sense to discern between the two!

And of course there is SO much more....More that lies possible in YOUR life if you only open yourself up to the possibilities. You don't need to read the SECRET to really discover the secret...just start by opening your mind, awareness and ride the supernatural surfboard into the wild, wacky and wonderful world of the unknown..:-) You will NOT regret it, I promise!

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