Thursday, June 26, 2008

3 Games that Strengthen 6th Sense

by Higher Balance Institute

Fun and Easy Ways to Develop Your 6th Sense
In this article you will learn three exciting games that will help you develop and strengthen your long lost sixth sense. With these simple yet powerful games you will gain a confidence in interpreting that "inner voice" leading you far beyond these games, and into a world of mystery, as you unveil the power of the sixth sense!

Strengthen your Sixth Sense with three simple games!


Take a deck of ordinary playing cards and place them facing down in front of you. Clear your mind as best you can. Pick up one card and hold the card facing away from you so you can't see what it is. You will start by trying to feel the color of the card, being black or red. Next, try and sense the suite of the card (spade, diamonds, clubs ETC). Last, the suite and the number of the card. The trick is to go with your first instinct. What you are trying to do is understand the feeling your sixth sense is sending regarding the suite. Each suite will have a specific feeling! When you experience a hit you want to remember what that feeling felt like. This is your sixth sense working to communicate its extrasensory perception. After you have had success with the suites, move on to feeling the number and the suite of the card. Remember that your first instincts are usually the best hits! A clear mind will help tremendously. Be sure not to overstrain yourself with to many cards in a row, as fatigue will lead you to start guessing for the answer versus feeling the card.


This game is similar to the card game but is one you can do with a partner. The object of the game is again to clear your mind and feel the sixth sense communicating the correct answer. This game is very simple. All you need is a clear mind and a partner. You or your partner will pick who will be the Sender and Receiver. The Sender has to learn to project the sixth sense while the Receiver has to learn to hear it. First, have your partner pick a number. Pick a number between 0-10 for easy, 0-50 for medium and 0-100 for hard. Tell them to stay focused on the number and to visualize the number. What they want to do is project the feeling of the number to you. The same rules of the Card Game apply. Try to keep from guessing, and again go with your first instinct. After you have gone through six or seven tries with your partner, switch and be the person sending the number. The same principal applies for the sender as well as the receiver. The main point is to stay as focused and as free of chit chat in your head when you are trying to project the number to your partner. Again it's about the feeling of the number. Just remember that the clearer the mind and the more confidence you have the better the results. This game is sure to leave you feeling well on your way to developing something that is extraordinary!


Take 15 blank flashcards. You will have three different categories for these 15 cards. The first group is color. With a magic marker you will draw a quarter size circles in each card. The following colors are blue, green, yellow, red and black. The next group of five will be shapes. Draw in the shapes, circle, square, cross, triangle, and thunderbolt. The final set will be the numbers 1 through 5. When you are finished you will mix them up as best you can. The same principal applies here as with the other two games. Whether you are sending or receiving this silent communication you must remember that your first instincts are the best hits. Playing by your self or with a partner, the thrill of developing this unseen communication through this mysterious sixth sense will leave you feeling exhilarated!

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