Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Anyone Can Become Psychic-Even You

By Gaye Wright

Being psychic means being able to create pathways into the Oneness to discover the knowledge that is meant for you or someone else. This knowledge is called insight.

The Oneness is also known by other names such as the shared consciousness, the shared mind or the cosmic mind. Psychics create pathways into the Oneness using their intuitive skills. This is something that anyone can learn to do. You too can learn.

Accessing insight requires training and practice to refine your senses. Your senses tune into energy just like a radio tunes into particular sound waves. Your senses pick up on what is going on around you and it comes through to you via your feelings.

Your intuition is your ability to interpret what your senses are picking up and communicating to you. Intuitions are directly related to your feelings. Insight is the knowledge that comes to you through your intuition.

Some people have a more sensitive sense of sight and their intuition communicates through one of the insight arts called clairvoyance. Clairvoyance means clear seeing. People see energies differently.

The way you live and interact in the Oneness is personal and unique to you. The way you access insight in the Oneness is personal and unique to you. You have your own psychic blueprint! All people do.

People who do genuine insight readings take on another role in the Oneness. They help to create a shared blueprint. Uplifting the psychic arts is about reinstating to its rightful place the power of intuition and insight.

People who do readings can help themselves and others to think, feel, and act more in tune with their highest good. In readings you can help people through clairvoyant and intuitive insights you access. Genuine intuitive and clairvoyant insight helps us to know with who we are and what makes us truly happy.

There are many people who have talent and insight ability. Many people have a natural gift for clairvoyance or one of the other insight arts. There are many who are using their intuitive gifts to better the world and help people.

Being a fully integrated psychic is more than doing readings on your own. It involves being part of something greater and more cosmic. It is the realization that being intuitive means using your gifts to support others to discover their pathways into the Oneness so that they can interact in ways that empower them and bring them true happiness.

Gaye Wright is an international psychic and leading authority on the psychic arts. Gaye is available for live psychic phone readings and you can visit her website to find out more about her special psychic and clairvoyant gifts.

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