Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope June 2008

By Rohan Joshi

Money - Career

You will feel blocked and don't really feel like working in the first two decades of this month. Though, that does not include the actions that show your imagination, dynamism and liveliness.

Despite all these in this period you'll take care of your own interests and if you keep the doors open, you can quickly catch the opportunities. Challenges, competition and opposition will also be in the picture. You may have some added responsibilities in the third decade.

You should avoid taking any financial risks. Your routine work will provide good money after 18th of June.

Love -Relationships

The Sun, Mercury and Venus controlling the area of flirts and sensuality during this month, while the passionate Mars crosses the area of relationship.

Optimism and lust rouse your wish for love and adventure. The atmosphere is so passionate that a single spark will be enough for you to throw yourself in the flare of passion. But you need to be careful and not to lose your head totally and not to make a mess of things.


Your physical fitness will be generally very good in the first decades and will most likely to change in the last decade of this month.

But you are lacking mental fitness! You get obsessive very easily and you tend to be too daring, hasty and even offensive, overlooking the caution. So you should better avoid risky, aggressive or conflicting conditions. It will be better for you consider pros and cons before taking any decisive steps.

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