Thursday, June 5, 2008

Astral Projection Technique - Here is How I Leave My Body Effortlessly

By Amos Amsterdam

In this article I am going to share just one of several different astral projection techniques that I use to regularly and effortlessly leave my body, usually within 30 minutes (or less) and have a rich, detailed and very lucid experience while exploring the subtle energy realms at will. I believe that I have no real unusual skill for this, and other than years of practice, think that everyone, YOURSELF included can have equally as impressive results if you follow the instructions below. They are going to be abbreviated, in the interest of space, but should you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

I will usually try to project lying down, (although I have had plenty of experiences both sitting upright in a chair, or even in a traditional meditative position, on a cushion, lotus style, etc) wearing very loose and comfortable pajamas or simply light cotton pants and long sleeve shirt. I will turn on my ipod and play from any number of my favorite mind synchronization audio, either white noise, or something similar...or on occasions where I expect to have difficulty with exit, I will choose a guided meditation from the list that walks me through each stage of intention, and then projection.

I find, in combination with the audio sync, that focusing on EACH part of my body, at the lowest, most organic level possible helps stir the vibrational energies in that particular region, so that when I'm fully ready to project, each part of my body is already "buzzing" with the vibrational energy that facilitates an exit. I will start with my toes, and to the audio beat, continue up throughout my arms, legs and my chest, and ultimately to the crown of my head, where most experienced practitioners will tell you they feel the most energy prior to projection.

Again, it is the combination of intention, and attention that we have spoken much about that creates both the mental state required, as well as the the physical spaciousness from which a weightless dynamic can arise. There are lots more of course, but the above, if done EXACTLY as outlined briefly above, with lots of attention paid to the process, usually allows me to have a vivid out of body experience, and further, seems to keep my level of conscious awareness high during the adventure, allowing me to "check the facts" when I'm done, to verify the various experiences that were had, in a continuing effort to "keep things real" to the best of my ability while enjoying a wild and wooly ride into the great mystery beyond... Enjoy!

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