Thursday, June 5, 2008

Becoming Psychic - 10 Ways to Boost Your Intuitive Abilities

By Lucy Barnett

With the dawn of the Age of the Aquarius in the 1960's, the idea of developing psychic abilities hit a new stride. While interest in intuitive processes has grown and decreased at different periods over the last 40 years, there is a still a large amount of focus on psychic self-development. If you and your psychic impressions are strangers, how do you get to know each other?

Meditate: As a way of quieting the mind and opening yourself to your intuition, meditation is an amazing tool. Where meditation is particularly valuable is in its ability to quiet the mind and create focus. Controlling mental static can make it easier to tell when you're tapping into psychic impressions.

What's That?: Intuitive impulses will present themselves differently to everyone. The first step to utilizing your psychic powers rests in paying attention to them. Intuition can often appear in ways that are easy to ignore. Logic may seem to be absent and it can feel risky even stating what you feel. Even if you don't share your psychic impressions with others, document them in writing for your own posterity.

Practice: Spend a little time every day trying to connect with your psychic side. Find a space that feels comfortable to you, whether it's your bedroom or a local park. Think of dreams that you've had or hesitation you've felt in certain situations. Spend time with a deck of card, trying to "see" what suit or number is on the card before you draw the card. Just like your sense of taste changes when you pay attention to what you eat, focusing on your psychic impressions will heighten them.

Training Wheels: Many items like crystals, Tarot cards, tea leaves, pendulums and scrying bowls can be used to help develop psychic ability. Find a tool that appeals to you and use it with the intention of building upon your psychic talents.

Get Your Rocks: Energy is a part of any psychic situation. Learning to feel, sense and measure it will help with developing intuition. Working with crystals can help make you aware of the various levels of energy that each item on earth has.

Work With Your Strengths: Psychic abilities, like with every other skill in life, can vary from person to person. Just like some people see better than others, others are more clairvoyant than others. In terms of psychic powers, there are different areas of skill: clairvoyance (seeing the future), clairaudience (hearing the future), clairsentience (feeling what others feel) are the main ones.

It's important to determine where you are most comfortable so that you can work your strengths to your advantage. If you're a natural clairsentient but only look for clairvoyant impressions, you will be missing out and may even convince yourself you're not psychic. Having skill in one area doesn't mean that you can't or won't develop in others so work with what you have.

Find a Friend: Working with a like-minded psychic buddy can give you more options in terms of practice and support. With a partner, you can try distance experiments in clairvoyance as well as mind reading. The paranormal also happens to be a misunderstood subject; having a friend to discuss experiences and concerns can ease tension and increase comfort levels.

Visualize, Listen or Feel: Working with psychic skills requires you to relearn your senses. There is regular sight and clairvoyance - when clairvoyance appears, it can seem like you're imagining things. You have to relearn what these senses feel like to be able to recognize when they appear.

Relax: One of the keys to develop your psychic impressions is to relax. Tension and stress will affect your ability to perceive intuition and will reduce your ability to trust in what you feel. Psychic development requires a fair amount of faith in yourself. Do whatever you need to relax, support yourself and foster a healthy self-relationship.

Rome Wasn't Built In A Day: With every new psychic experience, your abilities and strength will have a chance to increase. Give yourself a chance to grow psychically and relax any expectations you have in terms of progress. Many people spend a lifetime following the path of psychic development; every day, your perception and intuition will get stronger.

The biggest asset in developing psychic abilities is have the desire to be psychic. Self-belief goes a long way to recognizing and increasing psychic potential. Once you've tapped into your psychic abilities, your life will slowly transform for the better. So get out there and get sensing!

Lucy Barnett
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