Saturday, June 28, 2008

Cancer Monthly Horoscope July 2008

By Rohan Joshi

Money- Career Horoscope

It's testing phase for you that will assess the depth of your knowledge and you abilities to handle the tough conditions and also finding solutions. You might have a deadlock and obstacles in your way and your position may be undermined but after all these struggles you may emerge as winner with the help of your intelligence and diplomatic negotiations. You may have intellectual competitions but that might encourage you to fight. Eventually you may get success in attracting strong allies and striking profitable deals and collaborations. Good objective thinking and constructive communication may act in your favor.

Your continuous hard work and determination may result in extra income most probably in the later part of this month. You will also spend money just to enjoy.

Love Horoscope

Jupiter will intensify your emotional needs and also become very imperative, due to the conjunction of Saturn and Mars.

Maybe you may set some ground rules, of getting out of the confusing conditions and making it clear to make some vital decisions. You may put emphasis on taking accountability and carrying out the projects on hand. You want assurance, and in case you don't get them, you will try to do something else. You're assured and positive, maybe even a little bit harsh. The last week looks favorable for you and it will bring you success.

Health Horoscope

The transit of the Sun along with Venus and Mercury may help you to maintain good health during this month. But the Black Moon is in the house of illnesses so you should constantly watch your health and not to ignore any minor ailments.

On the other hand, the Mars-Saturn is indicating towards injuries, related with bones or there can be scar on body. So you should not to take any physical risk here and also be extra careful while driving vehicle.

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