Monday, June 2, 2008

The Chakra System - Raw Power Within Your Reach

Author: Tim Whiston

The human chakra system was discovered thousands of years ago, and has been confirmed by numerous proven studies like acupuncture, yoga, and reiki. This amazing aspect of human health represents the raw energy of the human being.

I like to think of the chakra system as the fifth level of human being. Allow me to put this into perspective:

We are all aware of the physical body, psychological awareness, and emotional mind where the mental and physical actually meet in the form of peptides. Many people also choose to acknowledge the spiritual realm of life; by this reckoning we now have four aspects of the human form.

The chakra system, with its meridians and auric fields, represents the raw energy the flows through the physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual expressions of a human being. It can be thought of as the source power that drives our existence.

When certain areas of the chakra system are out of balance, physical disease can manifest in the body. Likewise emotional disorders can occur when other aspects of the human energy system are blocked or out of balance.

By correcting imbalances and allowing the healthy flow of energy through the chakra system, so-called incurable diseases can be eliminated, severe emotional problems can be corrected, and so forth. While western medicine has not fully endorsed this concept yet, more doctors are accepting the wonderful reality of the chakra system.

Within the next 50 years it is extremely likely that mainstream medicine will embrace the chakra points system. In fact, the only thing preventing widespread acceptance of chakra healing and chakra wisdom at this time is a politically motivated medical community.

Sickness is big business, especially while the pharmaceutical companies maintain their current level of financial influence over medical publications and general practices. But as the human mind continues to evolve and our species moves out of the neo dark age of corruption and self-sabotage, the myriad benefits of our natural energy systems will play an important role.

In addition to advanced healing benefits, knowledge of the chakra system empowers an individual with greater self-knowledge and direct access to the subatomic energy from which all things flow. Science has recently proven the existence of a unified quantum field, or an entangled essential reality at the core of all things; such a truth was spoken of freely thousands of years ago in Vedic and Taoist writings.

How ironic, it seems, that we are finding the universal wisdom in teachings made available in ancient times.

An exploration of the chakra system requires no specific religious orientation, and no particular spiritual practices. In fact, there is nothing at all mystical or paranormal about the chakra centers and their associated meridians.

One can take a completely scientific approach to the study of his or her own chakra system and base conclusions solely on the outcome of various meditations and exercises. Even the skeptic is likely to be fascinated by the very real and tangible results of such experimentation.

I challenge you to empower yourself by exploring the chakra system further. Doing so is entirely safe, and can be done with only a small amount of preliminary knowledge.

To learn more about the ancient chakra system and how basic chakra meditation can improve your life, be sure to visit the author's site today.

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