Thursday, June 5, 2008

Characteristics of the Zodiac Mercury in Scorpio

Author: Victor Epand

The Sun is given the most credit when it comes to the zodiac. It is the information people give out when someone else asks "what's your sign?" But the other planets of the zodiac have importance that shouldn't be thrown away. Mercury influences how a person thinks and how that is portrayed to the outside world. Learning, communication and expression are all housed here. It also dictates whether a person moves through life with a strong sense of direction or a tendency to detour.

A person who has their Mercury in Scorpio has an investigative, probing but secretive mind. They are well versed in hiding their skeptical, suspicious and slightly intolerant views behind a positive demeanor. Their mind is able to dig through rubble and come to the truth of any issue or event with little work. Their insights are among the best in the zodiac. The skepticism they have towards other people has been gleamed from seeing all of the reasons to be in action. After all, the scorpion can see all of those skeletons in the closet. And it isn't below them to point out their locations and state their names.

Secrets are held close to this person's chest and these include how they are planning to operate. But it is nearly impossible for others to keep a secret around this person. It will be found out no matter how deeply it is thought to be buried. A job in investigation- like a police detective or research scientist- is well suited to this person. Not only can they figure out the secrets of others, they can perceive their weaknesses and strengths. It can make them seem almost psychic in the deductions they make. But there isn't any hocus pocus- just a keen sense of attention and insight.

Sensitive souls should probably avoid this sign altogether as they are not known for sparing others feelings with their manner of speaking. Most of the time they aren't actually setting out to do so, but they feel no need to hide the truth behind false politeness. If they are not saying (or writing) exactly what they are thinking, they would rather remain quiet. But it will not be a tranquil, meditative silence. Whoever willed the scorpion into silence will be having icy daggers stared into them. And heaven help them if there is something that the Scorpio can uncover within them to use as a weapon. If you provoke someone with their Mercury in Scorpio, you can expect to be stung.

Their mind is stubborn and determined but surprisingly emotional. This limits them intellectually as it focuses their attentions on rather limited areas of knowledge that have been deemed instinctually favorable. If this person is put on a work team, they need to be the leader and be given full control over the situation. It really would be best for all involved, even if the brashness of this sign make it seem like the person is a blowhard. They can see nearly any problem coming and can see straight through it before anyone else has even had a chance to notice it arrived.

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