Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Colours And Your Sun Sign

By Rohan Joshi


Mars rules the fiery Sign Aries. All kinds of reds, rose, crimson, and maroon suit Aries. For this festive season use all these colors but sometime Martian energy is not suitable as it is fiery and can be destructive as well. For those who are not comfortable wearing Red can prefer Brown. It may provide the comfort and reduce the destructive force. Green is not good for health particularly in this season it might affect the digestive system. Silky white is the other color to avoid as it may increase expenses and also not good for health.


Taurus is a pure earthy sign ruled by planet of beauty Venus. Blue is the most suitable color for Tuarian as it is associated with Venus, but light shades of blue and pink are also good for them. Green can be the secondary color but very useful for love and relationship. So Green can be handy in this jovial season. Yellow is not good for health and it might create obstacles in life. Blood red should also be avoided as it will increase expenses and also not good for health.


Gemini is the dual sign and ruled by Mercury. Green and pearl gray are most suitable colors for Gemini. Yellow is excellent for good relationship and married life. White is not good for health and gives problems in domestic life and relationship, thus it must be avoided in this joyful time of year. Blood red is not good for health and creates problems in relationship.


Cancer is very emotional, sensitive and soft sign due to Moon's lordship. And as the moon is very gentle, all shades of light green, light yellow, silver, violet and lavender come under the influence of Moon. Light Red can be helpful for love and keeping relationship in good shape. Green and Blue are not good for health and it will increase expenses as well.


Leo is ruled by the royal Sun. The vibrations of the Sun are evident in the colors golden yellow, bright orange and royal purple. Dark Red is good for Happiness so it can be very useful in this pleasant season. Light Red can be used for domestic happiness and also for good luck. Green and Blue are not good for health and it will increase frustrations.


Mercury is the ruler of this dual earthy sign. All shades of gray, white, brown, and light greens are come under the Mercury's authority. Utilize Green color for good health and Happiness as much as possible. Yellow is good for domestic Happiness and also good for maintaining good rapport with spouse and beloved one. Light or Dark red must be avoided as it is - not good for health and will give obstacles and will increase expenses.


Libra comes under the Venus lordship. In this sign the Venusian influence is more pronounced. Venus manifests through the colors blue, sapphire blue, light shades with light oranges and pinkish tones and a hint of blue. Blue is also good for domestic happiness, health and for love and relationship. White will prove beneficial while going for dating or meeting beloved one. Light Red and Yellow not favorable for health and gives struggles in relationship.


Magnetic and mysterious sign Scorpio comes under the Mar's lordship. Crimson red, blood red, maroons are associated with this planet. But these colors should be used sensibly. Dark Red is good to maintain good health. White is good for good luck and to remove tensions. Yellow is good for love and relationship.

Jupiter owns this bold, confident and ambitious sign. Jupiter's colors are yellow, blue, pink, light purple and even shades of golden yellow and orange. Yellow should be used for good health and domestic happiness. Dark Red is for good luck and happiness and Green is for maintaining good rapport with partners. Blue and white are not good for health and it will give struggles.


Disciplined, reasonable and practical sign comes under Saturn's lordship. The colors represented by Saturn are all shades sapphire blue, dark blue, blacks, dark grays. Blue must be used for domestic happiness and health. Silky white is good while going to meet someone and relationship. Dark Red and Yellow are not good for health and gives obstacles and increase expenses.


This sensitive, sympathetic and unconventional sign also comes under Saturn's lordship as Saturn holds dual rulership over Capricorn and Aquarius. The colors for Aquarius are almost the same as Capricorn. Black, gray, purple and dark blue are its colors; the use of amethyst color can be lucky for Aquarians. Light Red can be also be used. Silky white is good for domestic happiness and for good luck. Dark Red -and white are not good for health and give obstacles.


This carefree, sympathetic, imaginative comes under the Jupiter 's control. Jupiter holds dual influence over Sagittarius and Pisces, but here water element is in influence. The colors it rules are all shades of yellow, white, pearl, golden and mango. Yellow is good for good health. White is good particularly for love and relationship. Light red can also be used for good luck. Dark red and Silky white are not good for health and gives problems and obstacles.


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