Sunday, June 22, 2008

Daily Astrology For the Week of June 23, 2008 - General Tendencies For All Sun Signs

By Janet Moon

Mon 6/23/08 Enlightening Discussions and Spiritual Matters

Those of us who have to get up early (especially east coast) may find it hard to get started this morning. Things will improve as the day advances, and around mid afternoon (lunch time west coast) we may find ourselves participating in some enlightening discussions, and we may make an emotional decision. By late afternoon (mid afternoon west coast), our hearts will turn to spiritual matters. Relations with the opposite sex will go well tonight, but we may get carried away and not do what we were supposed to be doing.
Major Planetary Events Today: None

Tue 6/24/08 Dreamy and Patient

We may be feeling kind of dreamy or impressionable today under the Pisces Moon, but people will be patient. Slow and steady will win the race today, and we may even notice that a dream manifests. There could be some misunderstandings, or we may find it difficult to make decisions early this evening (mid afternoon west coast). All in all, it will be a good day for prayer and meditation, and psychic readings.
Major Planetary Events Today: None

Wed 6/25/08 Compassion, Sensitivity, and Helping Others

Ideas could be rather unrealistic this morning (early morning west coast), and there could be some sudden upsets to deal with. Most of the day will be a great day for helping others or getting the help we need. People will be compassionate and sensitive. There could be some emotional problems tonight (late evening west coast), and we may find ourselves dealing with a jealous female. We will get a second wind late tonight, and we will be ready to start again. Don't forget to sleep.
Major Planetary Events Today: Sun Sextile Saturn

Thu 6/26/08 Me First!

Its going to be a "me first" kind of day under the Aries Moon, and most of us will be ready to stand up for ourselves. There could be some problems with the opposite sex this morning (early morning west coast), or we may find that our patience is slim. Some of us, especially those with dominate Aquarius, may find that today is upsetting, and nothing goes our way. Others may just notice some sudden changes in their schedules with Uranus at retrograde station. There could be some family or money problems late this afternoon (mid afternoon west coast), but most of the day should be good for starting new projects.
Major Planetary Events Today: Uranus Retrograde Station

Fri 6/27/08 Bold, Impulsive, and Energetic

We are going to be bold, impulsive, energetic, and rather feisty today under the Aries Moon. Its going to be an excellent day for starting new projects, but we may not be in the mood for finishing up the work that is already on our desk. People could be a little boisterous this morning (early morning west coast), or we may eat too much for breakfast. We will be ready for a little magic by late this afternoon (mid afternoon west coast), and intuitions will be strong. Our energy and our creativity will increase late tonight (late evening west coast), and it will be an excellent night for sex.
Major Planetary Events Today: None

Sat 6/28/08 Appreciate the Beauty in our Lives

Today, we are going to be ready to slow down and enjoy the fruits of our labors under the Taurus Moon. We've been going like crazy for the past couple of days, and today we will want to sit back and appreciate it. People will be patient and ready to listen around mid morning (early morning west coast), and we may find some gains coming our way this afternoon. It will be an excellent day to appreciate the beauty in our lives, from our expensive collections to the butterfly in the window.
Major Planetary Events Today: None

Sun 6/29/08 The Lovely and the Obscene

We are going to see all the beauty in our lives today, and we may also be ready to clear away some of the clutter. Its going to be easy to distinguish between the lovely and the obscene, and we may get the trash bags out. Optimism will be high around mid morning (early morning west coast), and people will be friendly and cordial. There may be a few brilliant ideas crop up late this afternoon (mid afternoon west coast), but some of us may be drunk by dinner time (late afternoon west coast). It would be a great night to spend with loved ones and just watch the sun set and the stars rise.
Major Planetary Events Today: None

Janet (Sparrow) Moon is a professional psychic and astrologer. You can visit her web site for more articles about upcoming events in astrology, and to order a personal reading. (This article can be reprinted freely online, as long as the entire article and this bio is included.)

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