Thursday, June 5, 2008

Developing Clairvoynace - Some Tips For Developing Clairvoyance

By Richard Wilkins

Many people believe that everyone is born with clairvoyant abilities. Only after we are taught the norms of society do these abilities begin to close down and forget to develop our clairvoyance skills. They are still there, however, and can be brought back to the forefront with some exercises and meditation techniques. These have been found to be quite useful in developing clairvoyance. Developing clairvoyance is one of the most life-enriching activities you can pursue, because it is a life-enhancing skill which can bring you incredible pleasure.

The first thing that is required is to stay away from negative emotion and thoughts on clairvoyant abilities. It will be very difficult to continue any emotional and spiritual growth if there is no true emotional belief about the possibilities ahead. It is sometimes a good idea to keep spirituality and beliefs about developing clairvoyance to yourself unless other people are receptive to these ideas, as many people still disregard developing clairvoyance as a waste of time.

It is essential to develop self-trust. There are some guidelines to follow when first beginning to trust these new clairvoyant abilities. The first guideline is to heal your emotional issues. As you work through your emotional issues you will develop a desire to help others without these clairvoyant abilities. You must also become emotionally and spiritually balanced so that the messages you receive are clear and not funneled through the cloud of your unbalanced thoughts. Know that once images and messages are received once they will increase as your adeptness improves in using the techniques. You must make the effort to explore each message that is given. As they are proven out your trust in your clairvoyant abilities will be increased.

Meditation and yoga can help your developing clairvoyance. Yoga teaches the body to relax and stretch beyond what it is normally capable of. Meditation teaches us to quiet our very noisy mind and stretch beyond what we are normally capable of. It is as important to relax the body as it is to quiet the mind. Try to still your mind through meditation so that you are able to receive the messages that you are being given. Our innate clairvoyant abilities are always delivering messages to us, but they usually become lost in the chaos of our own minds.

If you are interested in developing clairvoyance then you should begin learning how to relax your body and quiet your mind. Developing clairvoyance can take many years to master, while for others, developing clairvoyance is a quick and easy process. Practice yoga to physically relax and learn good breathing techniques. Practice meditation to eliminate stress and quiet your mind. You will begin to see the messages that have always been there much more clearly once you have developed an ability to meditate.

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