Saturday, June 7, 2008

Developing Psychic Powers by Learning to Read Tarot Cards

By Richard Wilkins

It isn't difficult to learn to read Tarot cards, but it does require patience and study. The potential reader absolutely must be familiar with the deck, and have a working comprehension of how the trumps interact with one another. It will require many hours of concentration to learn to read Tarot cards well, and have a mind that is open to the possibilities and powers invested in the deck. However, as you begin this process and begin to attune yourself with the psychic energies, you will find that the process becomes intuitive, as said powers manifest themselves and aid you in the process of further understanding.

A prospective questioner will not be impressed if you interrupt a reading to consult manuals for information. You must learn the meanings of the cards as they are played out in a spread, and you must do so in a smooth and consistent manner. If the questioner begins the reading with doubts, the deal of the cards will be affected, and crucial information may be lost or, worse yet, misinterpreted. Focus is paramount, in that outside sounds and activity are certain to take away from the collective power that is released.

Study the art of tarot in a quiet atmosphere, free of television and radio, and without interruptions from family, pets, or friends. Pleasant lighting, comfortable seating, and an ambient room temperature are all important for successful sessions. If you do this in a similar atmosphere, you will become attuned faster, and have a much greater ability to perceive the mystical forces as they go to work before your eyes. Learn to read Tarot cards in the proper environment, allowing psychic energy to flow through the reader as well as the questioner. Don't just learn to read Tarot cards, learn to experience the message the deck imparts.

Invest in a guide or manual that goes into detail about the best ways to learn to read Tarot cards. Follow the advice and instructions carefully. After a period of study, meditate on what you have absorbed in the lessons as you attempt to learn to read Tarot cards. Successful readings demand that you have an immediate grasp of meanings and nuances. Should a particular realm, or its ramifications, be confusing, go over the information again and again, and practice sample layouts, until you fully grasp the concepts. The task is not difficult, but it is necessary. Without a little effort and concentration, your sessions will seem lifeless, or even lack details that bring out the full answer to the question at hand. Developing your psychic powers through the cards will be a great boon to you.

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