Saturday, June 28, 2008

Developing Your Psychic Skills - Psychometry

By Claire L Dixon

If you are looking for a way to focus your newly discovered psychic skills, or simply to put them to some practical use, psychometry is a good skill to begin with. Put into simple terms psychometry is being able to 'read' information from an object that belongs to someone else, be it delivered in the form of feelings, impressions or imagery.

It is best to start out with objects provided by friends, preferably something like a piece of jewelery that has been handed down from one generation to another, where you would not have known the previous owners or any stories relating to the piece. If possible, ask if you can hold onto the item for a couple of days so that you can work with it and see what impressions it gives you, all of which you can write down and hand back to your friend, with the piece, to see if they can validate anything for you. If you feel that you are the type of person that would look at an object and make assumptions about it such as its a diamond ring therefore it must have belonged to a woman, therefore its probably my friends grandmothers ring etc.. Ask that the item be given to you in an envelope, or a box, so that your initial assumptions will not cloud your psychic sense. You can always 'uncover' the item after your initial session.

So how do you 'read' an inanimate object? With time and practice you will of course develop your own method, however, the method details below is a good way to begin.

* Find a quiet place where you are unlikely to be disturbed. Sit comfortably, hold the item in your hands and get a feel for the piece.

* It may be helpful at this point to note down any initial impressions that you get. Whatever pops into your mind. Remember you are learning to trust your intuition.

* Make a mental note of the texture of the piece, whether it feels warm or cold in your hands, is it heavy or light? Does it always feel the same when you handle it?

* If you find it difficult to keep focus on the piece, try entering a meditative state and see what comes to mind. It may be that you need to open up a little more to access the information.

* Remember, this is a new experience for you. Consider it an experiment in trusting your intuition. However bizarre an image is that presents itself, make a note of it, it may have significance later.

* Over the period of time that you have the piece in your possession, follow the process as many times as you feel you can, noting down all of your thoughts, feelings and images or names that come to mind.

* Take all of your notes, and arrange them in a way that they make sense to you. Often you can build on an impression by writing about it. Then hand your notes back to your friend to see if you have hit upon any facts, or sensed anything memorable about the pieces previous owners.

* Don't expect to receive fact after fact that your friend will be able to easily validate for you, the first time you attempt this. It may that all you sense are emotions to begin with but it is a good start.

One of the best experiences I had with psychometry was with a locket. I can't remember now who I was reading for, or what their circumstances were, all I can remember clearly are the images that were placed in my mind. It was a fairly heavy golden locket, with some engraving on one side, no names, just a pattern. I never opened the locket to see if anything was inside, the information I received was just from holding it in my hands. I remember seeing a dance taking place in quite a large room, quite formal, with the ladies wearing beautiful gowns and long white gloves, with their hair pinned high. I remember the room having wood paneled walls and some heavy looking chairs around the outside. Then I was shown the locket being placed upon a nightstand, alongside some other jewelery which I described to the client, and which they recognized as still being in the family. Alongside the imagery were waves of emotion that related to the situations that I was 'seeing'. There were other images and sensations, but the dance and the nightstand are still as clear as day in my memory. Although I never provided names and dates that could be easily validated, I offered details of events and places as well as corresponding articles of jewelery that provided another means of validation.

So remember, no matter how insignificant you may interpret a piece of information, an image or even the hint of a scent, it may of importance to your friend, or indeed to a future client. It could be the one piece of information that leads to a validation for you, so disregard nothing.

The author is a practicing witch and psychic/intuitive who hosts a spiritual and witchcraft forum at and who runs a web based business supplying the mystical community with reference materials, ritual supplies, crystal therapy items and beautiful jewelery.

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