Saturday, June 7, 2008

Discovering Your Psychic Purpose

By Frederick Gimino

As human beings we have an innate desire to understand. Understanding who we are, why we are on earth, and what happens after we die is a driving force for most people. Since we evolve, develop, and change on a daily basis these questions seem almost unanswerable.

This inability to categorize and classify our existence creates anxiety. This anxiety perpetuates our search for the answer as it creates discomfort at the very core of our being. Cognitive dissonance for that which cannot be understood, categorized, or classified through our current belief systems creates a need for an explanation of our existence.

Some try to fill this void with various religious beliefs. Hoping this will supplant the feelings of anxiety about our very uncertain future, mortality, and purpose. Religion can be intoxicating acting like a drug. Giving us a false sense of belonging and purpose. Defining our finite existence by creating an omnipotent infinite entity that oversees all with a grand plan for each cog in the human machine.

I assure you organized religion does not hold the answers to the philosophical debate of why we exist. This is mainly because organized religion is made up of people like you who them selves are plagued by questions about their existence. The answer to the question of our existence comes not from outside our selves not from some mystical guru or sect but instead from us as individuals.

As we are all inherently different being a sum of past experiences, genetics, and our spiritual nature. Our purpose on this planet is very personalized and defies being defined by a shotgun all encompassing religious approach to who we are. Organized religion does give us a sense of belonging and does momentarily quell the inner anxiety so that we can continue on with what we might other wise construe as a meaningless existence.

But is that not what gangs do for wayward boys looking for acceptance and a sense of family? In fact the gang mentality is self evident in organized religion throughout history. Religious dogma and stigma concerning that which could not be explained or defied the edicts and doctrines of the organized religious construct met with swift punitive actions usually death.

The word heretic and the concept of independent thinking were and are synonymous in the organized religious structure. Courage is required to hold fast to our individuality and find the true meaning of life. Looking inward not upward is essential in finding the answers to quell anxiety and break free from the herd of sheep being led to the slaughterhouse by the good shepherds.

Tapping into our spiritual natures and gifts can truly be a life changing experience and allow you to open your mind to its full potential. Since we only use about ten percent of our brain the other ninety percent must have some use. Right?

So, why not consider talking with someone today who has learned to transcend the constraints of the human condition. Talking with a psychic or spiritualist about the meaning of life is about as "crazy" as using information from a 2000 year old book to live our modern lives and understand our existence and purpose in life.

Try talking with an expert psychic or spiritualist today to learn who you really are and get the information about how you can tap into the hidden resources of your mind and spirit to quell the anxiety and answer the questions about who you really are.

Why not find out what your true fate and destiny have in store for you right now? Stop following the herd and unlock your true individual purpose. Tap into the hidden happiness and enlightenment that real understanding about your existence will provide by talking with live psychics online today. Fair enough?

Fred Gimino owns and opperates the Free Psychic Network. His site provides advice and insight in the hopes that people may live happier more satisfying lives. Content including Psychics in genres includimg Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, And Horoscopes may be accessed on and through his site. Why not enjoy your Psychic Reading Today?

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