Thursday, June 26, 2008

Do We Have a Psychic Sense?

By Tim Todd

People are always speaking about the sixth sense. We have all heard of women's intuition, the gut feeling of a firefighter, or how children are intuitive. These things seem common enough. Ask any mother about the gut feeling they get when it comes to protecting their children and they will tell you that it's as natural as the rain to listen to that inner voice.

What if that sensory, that inner voice, those subtle feelings were the first whisper of something very profound? The Sixth Sense. Most people would associate this concept with Hollywood or hotline psychics but the truth of it is that we use this sensory every day.

For example, every time we get that feeling that we need to take a different route home and we find that there was an accident on the route we normally take. Or that uneasy feeling one gets when they feel that someone is in their proximity that has ill intentions. Pretty much everyone living in a major metropolitan city can relate to people keeping their guard up at times. This need is a byproduct of fear and is a basic primitive survival method.

One of the puzzles about our evolution is how we survived during early times. We never had the strength or speed of the animals. Even before we had developed weapons, tools or shelter there was something guiding us, informing us and leading us to make the choices than enabled us to survive against the odds. What was this hidden presence? This guiding voice was the sixth sense.

When nomadic man was hunting the plains for food, they were also watching for predators. They would have lived in a constant state of fear because of the natural dangers of everyday life. This fear sparked an evolution of sensory that communicated to them perhaps less subtly that it does today. This inner voice or perhaps inner sensory was in constant motion. It told them whether they should avoid a dangerous area, poisonous food, or even may have alerted them that there was a predator near by.

The interesting thing is that this sensory was a byproduct of the survival instincts of our species. Modern man of course doesn't have nearly the same daily level of fear for their basic survival; however in extreme situations this inner sensory will reveal itself and will manifest its uses to us. The firefighter that senses that they missed someone in a burning building, or perhaps felt that a part of the roof where they were standing was about to collapse and moved away at the last moment! The mother who wakes up in the middle of the night because they feel the need to check on their teenager and find that they have snuck out the window! Or even the woman who buys that can of mace because of a foreboding feeling and then uses it to defend off a carjacker a week later. These examples might seem extraordinary yet each and every one of us can relate to hearing about or experiencing at least one of these.

This inner sensory is listened to in extreme situations. But for those of us who are not in those extreme situations, it is good for us to find easy ways to develop and strengthen the recognition, and communication of that extra sensory that we call the extraordinary sixth sense!

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