Saturday, June 7, 2008

Do You Know What Astrology Is?

By Mike Yeager

Astrology today is taken both seriously and as mere entertainment by a vast majority of people. It is felt that the planets have an effect on our lives and through the help on an astrological chart we can know when and when not to pursue a given course of action. It has existed Millennia, and for good reason. A good chart synthesis is one of the most enlightening self-explorations available to us in this Age of Aquarius. Astrology is a tool to "know thyself" as well as a tool of divination. Modern astrology eschews readings of a fixed future and prefers to call interpretations of the future "forecasting" or "coming trends" correctly building on the belief that one does have choices and can even influence our futures lives.

Thought to come from Babylon over 4,000 year ago it was based on the old astronomical belief or assumption that the sun revolves around the earth, not the earth revolves around the sun. This is why the stars, which it was assumed focused on the earth as their center, are so important in influencing our astrological lives. Reading horoscopes is not designed to be an exact interpretation of our futures, it doesn't really work that way. Even if you get a reading based on your specific astrological chart, the result is going to be a generalization that you can easily apply to some aspect of your life and, I might add, in a positive way. Horoscopes and forecasting has played a major role in society since the beginning of civilization, and maybe even before that. Its influence can be seen in almost every part of the world.

Astrology concerns itself with when things are born or begin. From there it is believed that if you start something at the right time you will be able to ride the energy that's already available to you in the universe. Being unquestionably the oldest and at the same time the most popular of all (if I may) pseudo-sciences, it exerts a great influence of many, many people; and I would say generally for good. Astrology gives 'themes' and 'trends' for people, their talents, challenges, past, present and future situations. It claims to even have influence over relationships and medical conditions by revealing hidden family matters and past lives. Astrology can offer alternative help for those searching for answers.

To some, it offers an approach to utilizing strengths, overcoming weaknesses and fulfilling potential; to others, it's a little frivolity; still more view the subject as complete and utter nonsense. Intriguingly, one's life pattern can be charted by determining the position of the stars and planets at the time of one's birth. This study of the correlation between celestial phenomena and behavior on earth is supported by the notion that we are all made from bits of stardust.

Being the longest-lived pseudo science because of its personal individual aspect, it is now possible each day to pick up the local newspaper, turn to the astrology column, and read about yourself. I would say that this art is only as valid as its practitioner and exerts it influence only based on the validity of the belief of the recipient.

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