Sunday, June 22, 2008

Edward Norton's Astrology / Numerology Combination - Leo's Humane Humorist

by Keith Abbott

With his performance as Bruce Banner in this summer's "Incredible Hulk", Edward Norton continues his mastery of unusual roles. With films like "the Illusionist", and "Primal Fear", he has mastered the role of the hidden character. What prepares an actor to excel at these roles? What kind of person is Edward Norton? Read on to learn what his Astrology Numerology combination tell us about this talented actor.
===> Astronumerology; your Astrology / Numerology combination

One way to discover someone's personality is to use their date of birth and discover their Astrology / Numerology combination. Astronumerology is the art of using a person's Astrological sun sign, and their Life Path value from Numerology to find their personality combination. There are (108) different combinations possible for the twelve Zodiac signs and nine Life Path values. The Astrology sign is determined by consulting a table of date ranges, while the Life Path number is calculated by summing all the digits of their Gregorian date of birth and reducing the sum with fadic addition. And since Edward Norton was born on August 18th, 1969, we know that his Astrology Numerology combination is Leo with a Life Path of (6).

===> Leo (6) - The Humane Humorist

Leo sixes love without bounds. These people have a healthy ego, but are also humble and not overbearing. They tend to be great comics; leaving friends and people around them laughing hysterically from their whit and subtle humor. These souls also tend to be superb mimics, able to imitate others with devastating humor. They like to admire themselves, but their picture is incomplete without a loved one; they need an affectionate partner to be truly whole. And, the opposite sex sees Leo sixes as a great catch, for they recognize the nobility and warmth of character that the Leo six possess.

With their big toothy grin, the humane humorist is really a softie at heart; they just love to see the people around them happy. But woe to the attacker who goes after their family or loved ones; Leo six has claws, and knows how to use them. These people are incredibly dynamic, and tend to light up the room with their presence. They have morals, but they do love to poke holes in the swelling posturing of boastful pretentious people.

===> Conclusion

Edward Norton's Astrology / Life Path combination shows that with his skills as a mimic, and his dynamic personality, he is well outfitted to take on a wide variety of roles. He can project a warmth and empathy that let us pity him weather as a huge green monster, or a love torn magician. Edward Norton is truly well set to be a gifted and dynamic actor.

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