Monday, June 2, 2008

Eight Elegant Ways to Read Tarot Cards

By: Umar Ahmed

Holistic background

Tarot card has its own ancient history. It was used as a cultural symbol for many of the aspects like ailment, magic, witchcrafts, love spells, romance, ritual and ceremony etc. Tarot cards were being used by the psychic readers for the future predictions such as good, bad and worst events. Tarot reading was the art of pious people in primitive times. It was the art of monks, priests, shamanists, palmists and spiritual beings. They had the various arts such as distant reading, astrology, love psychics, love spells etc. A tarot reader has the knowledge and command of the spirits of space and time. He predicts the future of people by deck a mass of 78 cards. The tarot reading invokes the metaphors of gypsy women, crystal balls and hocuses pocus. Therefore it is hard to break up the cards because they contain a pretty long history. One thing is very important during the process of tarot reading and that it is how to read tarot cards? Any how the cards consist of some instructive methods. These are the card desk, academic journal, candles, tarot cards, tarot cards software and ballpoint.

How to read tarot cards

Some steps are required for the tarot reading and tarot cards. These steps are as followed.


Before the tarot psychic readings remember one thing that is the deck of a tarot cards. It is a fine selection to set up with the knock down tarot cards which are easily available at the book stores and online superstore.


Before the tarot card reading, you have to use the handkerchief to enfold your cards. It would create a safe and sound method to play with the tarot cards.


Spell the deck of a tarot card before you go to bed and keep it save under the pillow for a week. After that you will be assured to read and forecast the tarot card. That is completely linked to your conscious feelings and imaginations which go through the world of space and time. This is why a tarot psychic reader would be known as the man of magical spells.


While predicting the future of any person you have got to shuffle the tarot cards. Moreover you should focus on the entire inquiries of the clients and answer them. It is considered to be as the agility of your consciousness and unconsciousness.


Scratch the deck. When you are interpreting for someone else and sing your own praises before him or her and then ask the questions in a loud as he or she cuts the deck. On the other hand, if you are going to read the tarot cards for yourself, then ask your own query as you are cutting down the tarot cards.


You must be firmed and self-possessed during the spell of tarot card. Furthermore, you have to be agile during selection of tarot cards. A realistic tarot card "magic spell" is four cards which normally consisted of a diamond form.


To conduct the tarot card psychic reading you must have to direct the cards according to the dimensions. Therefore being a tarot card psychic reader try to design on the cards in a tarot desk. The cards that are fixed on the right side of the tarot table show the optimistic position. On the other hand, the tarot cards which are posted in the upside down direction elucidate the reversed position. The positive tarot cards show the futuristic signs of success, wealth and happiness. While the reversed tarot cards indicate towards the confliction and blocked energy.


Finally come up with your own plans and decisions. Always follow your instinctive ability while playing the magical cards of the tarot reading.

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