Thursday, June 26, 2008

Gemini Monthly Horoscope July 2008

By Rohan Joshi

Money - Career Horoscope

If you are creative and use the information positively you are on the way to success this month. There will be some change and new developments in your profession and it may have positive impact on your bank account.

The financial gain will stimulate your efforts and you may try to achieve more. But there will be issues regarding your house and family that might eat up much of your gain.

The second part of this month is progressive and you may get favorable results in interviews, negotiations and sales plans.

Love Horoscope

During this month the Pluto and the Black Moon in the house of relations may create anxiety and frustration, and you may feel blocked as there is no other planetary support in the first half.

After July 12th you may get support from Venus in Leo which might stimulate your interest in love and romance. But you may be rather dreamy and may waste chances without actually doing anything substantially. You need help of some sweet words of encouragement.

Health Horoscope

In this month, due to emotional attachments or emotional issues, your mind will be little upset. You will feel very blocked or in a fixed situation, this may make you feel little uncomfortable mentally. But no major physical ailment is foreseen this time around.

You should fix your priorities and approached the problems methodically and spare some time for rest and relaxation. Don't over-burden yourself, instead go easy and slow to avoid health issues.

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