Monday, June 16, 2008

Here's How Pet Astrology Will Help You Relate To Your Animal

Astrology plays an important part and role in your pet's life. I know most people never even realize that the heavens can have a role on not only their personal lives, but also on the lives of their favorite dog or cat. I'm sure you have noticed at times that your pet is acting a little different or out of character. Has this ever caused you to reflect on just what may be going on? The answer could be determined by your pets date of birth and an understanding of just how pet astrology works.

I am sure it is obvious that how we behave around our pets can and does have a direct impact on how they act around us and others. Understanding the influence of astrology however, will help us to specifically fine tune our understanding of the animals in our lives.

Aries Mar 21- April 20
Very insistent on what is wanted and outwardly expresses this while enjoying a fight with other animals and is known to instigate confrontations They are known to be territorial.

Taurus April 20- May 20
Rarely display a great deal of emotion however, will be loyal, even though facial expressions or gestures may not indicate this. They do not give up a fight easily.

Gemini May 21 - June 21
These pets are not particularly emotional or loving towards you or others. Interestingly, curiosity frequently gets them into trouble. On the physical side they have a longer than average neck and head.

Cancer June 22 - July 22
Would rather stay at home as opposed to roaming the neighborhood because they do not always respond favorably to animals or people who are strangers. They tend to run away from trouble and like to be pampered.

Leo July 23 - Aug 22
Possesses a very big ego and is very secure in both an emotional and psychological sense. These pets are friendly, out going and even gregarious.

Virgo Aug 23- Sep 22
Is extraordinarily intelligent and always appears ready and anxious to please. Also, they like to be clean.

Libra Sep 23- Oct 22
Does not like to fight but instead is relaxed, easy-going and docile. (Sounds like a nice house pet around kids).

Scorpio Oct 23- Nov 21
Does not necessarily like the company of other animals but instead are kind of attached to home. Also, their owners are usually in good spirits and happy but very independent.

Sagittarius Nov 22 - Dec 21
Is very active physically and happy to hang around their owner. Love is very important to these pets and will give back immeasurably.

Capricorn Dec 22 - Jan 19
Often petty by nature but are unusually quiet and reclusive. Self-centered but dislikes being alone.

Aquarius Jan 20- Feb 18
Is extremely independent Usually seems to be happy, although bouts of depression do appear to be experienced from time to time.

Pisces Feb 19- Mar 20
Lovingly tolerates other pets within the household and loves to "cuddle up" to owner.

Sure, this does not answer all the questions on how our pet behaves, after all life itself is quite a mystery; but it certainly sheds some light on why different pets will behave and act in such divergent ways.

By: Mumby

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