Sunday, June 15, 2008

Hinduism- The Nature Of God

According to Hinduism,God is Omnipotent, Omniscient, and Omnipresent. Let me elaborate this to the best of my ability and limited knowledge. God, please forgive me for any mistakes because I have zero knowledge. My knowledge is limited to zero unless you give me the knowledge about yourself.


God can do anything. God is all-powerful and can do anything. It is a play for him/her. He creates this world in zero time. And he can destroy this world at will in zero time. It is a game for him. He makes his own rules but can break them when he wishes. There are many instances in Hindu mythology when God has broken his own rules and defied his laws. In Mahabharata the saving of Draupadi is one such instance. God, your power is indescribable. Who am I to talk about that?


God knows everything about this world. He knows all about how he created it and what goes on inside the world. For him there is no mystery. He is the knower of all. He knows the past births of everything and knows about what that animal or person will do in this life and the coming lives. There is nothing left unknown to God because he creates the world himself. There is nothing such as free human will. We think that we are doing something but God has predetermined everything.


God is present everywhere at the same time. According to Hinduism God creates the whole cosmos/world in himself and there is nothing that is present without him. God is present in everything at all the times. If this was not so, we would come to a question that if God is not present somewhere than what is present there? The answer is unknown. Hence it is God who is present everywhere.

The great Siddhas of India open the eyes of their disciples about this. Once the disciple knows that he/she is himself God all ignorance goes away and the disciple gets free of rebirth and all other pains.

By: CD Mohatta

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