Tuesday, June 3, 2008

House Pets and Their Astrological Signs

By Kim A. Cierech

Did you know that a pet born between December 22- January 19 is a Capricorn? We tend to think that Astrology charts and the Zodiac signs pertain only to us, but they also include our canine and feline companions.

The Capricorn pet is very possessive of their things, almost to a miserly state. They are often petty by nature, but are extremely intelligent. They rarely become sick and if they do, they quickly recover.

The Capricorn pet is unusually quiet and reclusive. Because of this trait they would make wonderful pets in apartment complexes or any other close knit surrounding. They rarely are mischievous or daring and often appear to be cold and unexpressive.

Capricorn pets have a difficult time bonding with other animals and they do not like to play or socialize with them. This trait in the Capricorn pet is good to know about, just in case you wanted to add to your canine or feline families.

Their built tends to look very bony and they are somewhat slow in their movements, compared to their breed counterparts. They do tend to suffer with tooth problems, but for the most part they stay in relatively good health.

The Capricorn pet tends to possess an angular or square face regardless of their breed or species. They often look depressed and may suffer from some mild skin irritations which can easily be controlled by bathing with a tea tree oil based shampoo.

If your pet is not a Capricorn and you are interested in learning more about the other Zodiac sun signs, I have built a small web site that lists all of the pet sun signs and their traits.

Kim enjoys studying numerology, astrology, parapsychology and experimenting with herbal remedies. She has worked as a canine stylist for the past 10 years.


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